Craigslist Experiment 4.0 – Geek Boy Edition – Part 1

Geek BoyYou were wondering… what kind of response would a guy get? Girls are getting 30 emails in the span of a few hours…

Bad news, guys. It took this dude 3 DAYS to get a third as many emails.

Bachelorette #1

OMG, your puppy is sooo cute and you are quite handsome as well. I imagine that you will get several emails from women closer to your age. Wish I was closer to your age and body size.

Women are more guilty than men doing this… don’t write an email to someone about why you wouldn’t be a good match for them. Either write about your positive qualities or don’t write at all.

Bachelorette #2

hey im b——! i am a computer geek also…i am majoring in computer science! IM me sometime on AIM my sn is b——— :)

Short, sweet, no picture. Guess we can assume college aged?

Bachelorette #3

Your dog is pretty cute :)…as are you from what I can see!
Anyways, check out my Myspace, there are some pics as well as some info about me…the link is (removed).
Let me know if you are interested in talking, I also have AIM and my SN there is ——-. Thanks!

Ah, the link to the myspace. A myspace full of hearts and the obnoxious music player that takes far too many seconds to find and disable.

Bachelorette #4

Hi, my name is L—– and I came across your ad on Craigslist. I’m 25, originally from —-, but I live in — (another state) now. I’m looking to move back home at the end of June and wanted to get to know people there again. If you would like to chat, feel free to email back.

All fine and good, but from what I’ve heard, lots of women are interested in chatting, but never have the guts to meet in real life.

Bachelorette #5

Hi. My name is G—— and you seem interesting and down to earth. Not to mention smart; and I’ve always been drawn to entrepreneurs. I’m 22, I graduated from University if ——’s Business School and I work for a start-up Health Food company (notice the pattern with the entrepreneurial thing?). I’m definitely looking to own my own business as soon as possible, but I have to make a dent in those student loans first. It’s great that you own your own house, and have a place for Tucker to run around in. My little ‘babies’ need a lot less space, but they make me smile just the same.

I’ve included 1 small picture because of the 150kb limit imposed by Craigslist, but I hope you’ll find me interesting enough to respond to. Although I work in —, I live in —- and its hard to meet new people and make friends out here. So, have a great night and a good Memorial Day!

P.S. The dress looks a little tattered because my mother and I made it for Christmas.

Very normal! A tad bit on the long side, but she seems smart and sane. Green light!

…more from our bachelor’s email box next!

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