Craigslist Experiment 4.0 – Geek Boy Edition – Part 2

Geek BoyHere’s our next batch of emails to our eligible bachelor:

Bachelorette #6

hey, saw your ad and decided to message you. I could send you a couple of pics. if you write back and tell u a bit more about myself.

She’s the cautious type… can be a good or bad thing….

Bachelorette #7

so would you please tell me more about yourself?
like basic stuff like name and all and i will reply with the same.

It’s the Cautious Girl period, apparently!

Bachelor(ette?) #8

hey, are you really looking for a girlfriend or friends will be all ok?

The name attached to the email is “cliffer”…. either it’s a gay guy or just a really lonely straight guy. Either way, it is sad.

Bachelorette #9

Ive never really done this Craigslist thing before, but i was just interested in seeing what Id come across. My name is E—– but everyone calls me E—-, 22 years old, Been in the — area (—– to be exact) for about 12 years…..But Im definatly NOT one of these —- snobs. Im a nice Northerner from —-. Dont have much of an accent though. I work part time at —- (been with the company for 4 and a half years), and I will be finishing up school at —-tech for graphic design here in a little bit. I just finished the semester and have 2 weeks vacation from school. So I do have alot of down time. (3 days off from work a week) Im always looking for someone to hang out with. It gets lonely when all your friends have conflicting schedules.

This is going to sound so cliche and stupid, but my OLD OLD laptop finally died on me…I just ordered a new one from HP thats being built right now was we speak, Its going to be a beast! . so Im using my mothers laptop. I do have a myspace link if you would like to see my photo and read some more about me. And I promise you its me. I might not be all that and a bag of chips. But I think im a pretty decent person :)

She’s kinda funny in a weird way. I am suspicious of the “I’ve never done this before” paired with the knowledge of the cliche of not having a picture to send… hmmm….

Bachelorette #10

Hi! Im g——-…22 living in south —— and I work as a recruiter for a local hotel. I also am just finishing up my degree in hospitality management. here are some easier ways to reach me :) (links removed)
Hope to talk to ya soon!
PS it said my picture file was too big but i do have many.

All 22 year old girls apparently have myspaces full of pictures of themselves drinking and making kissy faces at the camera and looking like retarded fish. I weep for the future. *giggle*

…that’s all, folks! It took him 3 days to get to 10 emails. Believe it.

e is currently recovering from her European adventure. She’ll resume her regular blogging schedule soon and you’ll finally get a break from all this craigslist insanity!

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