e’s Feed Favorites – 7/2/08

It’s my first Feed Favorites after my Europe trip!  I had to declare Google Reader Bankruptcy when I got back because I had over 1000 posts in my Reader.  I have about 1000 or so posts per week that are in my Reader, and that’s just the Geeky ones.  I have a folder with some dating sites’ feeds (none of which are terribly good), and some writing/blogging sites.

But let’s start today’s Feed Faves with a little ditty I got from a friend that is… disturbing and funny.

D&D Related

  • Patrick of Gnome Stew and Yax of DungeonMastering share their thoughts on GM = General Manager.
  • A post in which Yax gives the new 4e adventure an overall rating of… *drumroll* 3.5.  Irony?
  • At ChattyDM, Phil has reviewed the 4e PHB and DMG.  He’s a busy boy!
  • Looking for cheap minis?  Martin at Gnome Stew has the hookup.
  • Want to win cool D&D prizes?  Enter the One Sentence NPC contest at ChattyDM!  It ends on 7/13.
  • Dragon Avenue is super cool for pointing the way to cool 4e artwork wallpaper.  I now have a red dragon. Woot!
  • Walt of Gnome Stew asks if it’s reasonable for a GM to collect money from players to purchase supplies for the game.  (As a teacher who has bought a lot of things for her classroom out of pocket, my answer is YES.)
  • Stupid Ranger is very angry about WotC messing with the elf gods in 4e.  I don’t blame her.  I mean, they’re GODS.  You can’t mess with the gods.  That’s just blasphemy!

General Geekery

  • Shamus of TwentySided and Phil of ChattyDM have started playing WoW on the Kirin Tor server and I am giving serious consideration to firing up my WoW account again.  I’ll probably leave my 65 rogue on my old server and roll a new one, possibly with my GeekBoy.  Do I really want to get back on the WarCrack?
  • Geekologie did a little write-up on Paper Shampoo, which is exactly the same type of product I used for my laundry detergent while on my Europe trip.   Bonus?  It was more than enough to do laundry in every city we visited and still have plenty to spare.  Also, it’s not a liquid (no TSA troubles!), weighs next to nothing, and is smaller than a Zippo.
  • JW of BingeGamer wants to move to Canada (who doesn’t?) because apparently one in five Canadians plays their video games in the nude. (Semi NSFW picture.)
  • Great Moments in History Told by Etch-A-Sketch.  Nuff said.  Thanks, Neatorama.
  • Geeks are Sexy links you to Star Wars USB hubs.  Because you’ve always wanted your stuff powered by the Force.
  • and finally… if you didn’t get to go to Origins, don’t fret.  Dave of Critical Hits will give you the scoop.

That’s all the feed that’s good to eat!  Nom nom nom.

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