Personal Ad Makeover: Austin (BEFORE)

A Winner is Austin!The winner of the June Personal Ad Makeover Contest is Austin!

Austin is a man of few words.

Very few words.

In fact, there are so few words here, it’s a wonder how he’s managed to snag any dates.  Poor Austin.  He’s a cutie, too.  (I’ve seen the pictures!)

Let’s see what he has up on right now:

Headline:  Hi

About me and who I’m looking for

I’m an intellect with a kind heart; a giver not a taker. I look more for sincere friendships over causal acquaintances. People say I have a “fantastic” sense of humor. Not a drama fan but not afraid of challenges or to express passion. I’m a cat person but like most animals.

for fun:

Movies, friends, dinner, coffee (preferably tea)

my job:

I’m a student at — and do draft work for a construction company on the side.

my ethnicity:

I’m kind of a mutt. My name is Irish but my genes range from English to Native American to Latin.

my religion:

My faith is a big part of my life. I was raised non-denomination Christian and feel comfortable in almost any Christian church.

my education:

Current — student. Spend one year at — before transferring out.

favorite hot spots:

Local: Jazz events downtown, the

Travel: Alaska, Hawaii, the coast.

last read:

Terry Pratchett’s “Men at Arms”

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UPDATE: Austin’s After Profile

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