e’s Feed Favorites – 7/16/08

Welcome to another edition of e’s Feed Favorites.  We start out with a guy who is very serious about texting:

D&D Related

  • Happy 100th PostDay to GnomeStew!  This blog is really excellent, so if you’re not subscribed to their feed, you are a total loser.  For a taste of the awesome, read about how NPCs are filthy liars.
  • The more of Dante of StupidRanger‘s posts I read, the more I realize that he is The Man!  Check out Better Character Development Courtesy of Bruce Willis.  Don’t forget to go to the Stupid Ranger crew’s GenCon events and cheer on StupidRanger as she competes for Queen of the Geeks!
  • After reading this post by Dave of Critical Hits, I’m very sad I won’t be at GenCon to take advantage of drunk RPG bloggers.   Then I read this one and realized that I will probably never be awesome enough to DM. Too much pressure!!
  • Congrats to Yax at DungeonMastering for being nominated for an Ennie!  Sadly, I will never be uber 1337 enough to get an Ennie, unless my profile writing services get hundreds of geek boys into the arms of geek girls… in which case, maybe I do deserve an award of some sort!
  • Chris Sims at Wizards of the Coast gives some insight into the Ecology of the Dragonborn.  Am I the only one who has no desire to play a dragonborn or tiefling?
  • The Propagandroid at The Gamer Dome got his hands on a bunch of Against the Giants minis.  Check out his review.
  • Phil at Chatty DM asks: What’s your dice fetish? Mine is penguins.

Random Geekery

  • A hilarious post at LivingDice about a Gamer’s Pre-Nup.  I thank the various gods that when I marry, it’ll be to a gamer, so we won’t have to worry much about that!
  • Hawty McBloggy always finds the best stuff.  Check out the Wii Fit Boy, but warning, it’s YouTube safe but potentially NSFW.   If you require eye cleansing after seeing it, just search YouTube for WiiFit Girl videos and you’ll be all set.  Oh, and why play Guitar Hero when you can play Saxophone Hero?  (They really should make Big Band Hero with sax, trumpet, bass…)
  • Geekologie offers a new way to accessorize for a dinner party.
  • This XKCD comic totally reminded me of my jetlag problem.
  • Courtesy of Neatorama:  The new iPhone? Yep, it blends!  (Warning: Video will make Mac fans very squeamish.)  Maybe you’d rather have a cursed iPhone with a burning hot screen? (Courtesy of Geekologie.)
  • Shamus of TwentySided examines the World of Warcraft.  Then OMG!SHOCKING!, receives backlash from diehard WoWCrack addicts.  (BTW, Shamus, I totally agree with all your gripes.  I never did understand eye-less Murlocs or headless boars.)
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