I can has game group!

e with 4eHooray!

I went to the Friendly Local Gaming Store, Games HQ on the west side of Charlotte.   It’s in a sketchy neighborhood, but the store itself is great!

Lots of fun merch, plenty of table space, a crazy huge snack bar with all sorts of temptations.  Not to mention super friendly customer service!  I had a great time hanging out with the owner, Howard, and his brother/new employee, RJ.

Anyway, RJ introduced me to some of the Wednesday night gamers and at first they were like, “Oh, hi, nice to meet you but our games are really full right now.  Come on over to our forum though.”  So I post a hello on the forum and lo and behold (after some negotiations!), a Monday night game has been created.  Woot woot!

I’ve rolled up a Dwarven Cleric named Mielka (with a lot of help from Graham!).   I’m still working on her backstory, so look for that coming soon as well as new campaign logs!

First it was Diary of a Drow… then Companion’s Log…  What should I call the new campaign log series?

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