Moradin’s Lass: The Background Information

Hooray for New Adventure!

As you all know, I’m starting up with a new D&D group on Monday.  I’m super excited to get back into playing and learning 4e.   Oh, and the campaign logs!  That too!

Here’s my dwarf:  Mielka Dawnhammer

Anyway, here is some background information about our campaign, courtesy of our DM and his giant box of stuff.

Where Are We?

The following is from a Goodman Games module which our DM plans to adapt to 4e as we go:

The Kingdom of Morrain

Morrain is considered by their southern neighbors to be a rural backwater. While the people aren’t as simple as most presume, the settlements do showcase a rustic way of life. As a rule, villages, hamlets, and thorps litter the Argent Vale, most of which are within a day’s travel (by foot) to one another. Most are agricultural in nature, the majority of its people farmers or gatherers. Blacksmiths and millers support the singular industries of these communities, repairing equipment or grinding the harvested grain. Though most of these smaller settlements do not have defensible walls, most do have a central refuge—such as a watchtower or temple—where residents can take shelter during the strongest storms or in the attack of marauders.


The anchor of civilization in the wilds of western Morrain, the town of Cillamar has long carried an importance belied by its small size, and the last two years have brought dramatic changes to the once sleepy town. The looming Ul Dominor peaks have always hidden mineral treasures, but the discovery of rich placer veins has brought a surge of new wealth and foreign treasure seekers, and the motley train of gambling dens, bawdy houses, and rogues that must inevitably follow. Add to this mix the influx of desperate refugees from the conflicts of the Warlands, and adventurers looking to make a quick fortune—the result is a Cillamar that none of its founders could have predicted: a chaotic, frontier boomtown, where the quick and courageous can become wealthy overnight, and where sharp knives and longswords solve disputes as frequently as the town watch.

Cillamar’s busy streets are packed with foreign merchant-lords, hardened war veterans, stone masons rushing to meet the demand for new shops and homes, foreign princes and their companies of stern knights, and eager-eyed adventurers. Dwarf traders from the Ul Dominor Mountains hawk their wares beside stalls of dried fruit imported from the Southlands, gamblers win and lose fortunes with the toss of a die, and grubby urchins beg for coppers and pick through the piles of trash in the alleys and byways. The number of true “natives” remains around 1,000 souls, but the flood of traders and refugees has pressed the town’s population closer to 3,000, and even higher during the late spring, summer, and early fall.

Cillamar bears scars of its violent past. Founded in CE 2572 (the game takes place in 3200), the settlement was sacked by the red dragon Benthosruthsa 319 years ago. Today, over half of the original Lord’s Gate Citadel is still in ruins, and the town’s western wall has yet to be repaired. The remains of old Cillamar loom above the town, a constant reminder. Only in the last century has Cillamar begun to recover, once again luring merchants and adventurers alike with the promise of wealth in the nearby mountains.

From our DM:

A few weeks ago, each one of you has been approached by a member of a well know mercenary company The Pack of the White Wolves. These mercenaries have a solid reputation here in the Kingdom of Morrain and as you were looking for adventure, this sounded interesting. To prove that they were eager to have you in their ranks, they have offered you a nice magic items and sent you in the city of Cillamar where you are to stay while your orders will arrive. You have rooms booked in the Slumbering Drake Inn and the expenses will be paid for you there.

Every one of you have been given the description of the others and you have to act as if you are just another band of ragtag adventurers that has come here in search of fame and glory. You have to integrate with the community, help people, do some work for them and when the time is right, your real mission will be given… At least if you have been proven up to the challenge.

You all arrived this day in Cillamar and have booked rooms in the Inn. In the chambers, you have all found that a purse containing enough money to keep the room for one month was there… It’s time to meet your fellow companions.

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