Moradin’s Lass: Mielka Dawnhammer

Mielka Dawnhammer is a young dwarf who grew up in the Ul Dominor mountains.  She is well known as the girl with the big smile, big laugh, and big thighs.  Her bright red hair is split into two thick braids that are wrapped up into neat buns fastened at the back of her neck.

Average height for a female dwarf, but certainly curvier, Mielka tends to bounce rather than walk wherever she goes.   A bright smile graces her pudgy face and she’s always the first to say hello to a stranger.  Despite her parents’ warnings to hold back and get to know people slowly, Mielka prefers to dive in and chitchat with whoever crosses her path.  Her parents are not sure what caused her to develop this distinctly undwarflike personality, but since she is in essence a good daughter, it is something they tolerate.

This is Mielka’s story, in her own words:

Wow.  I mean, wow!  It’s just amazing how things happen, y’know?  One day, I’m all hanging around our mountain town, being a normal dwarf girl and the next day, my parents are telling me how Moradin himself came to them in a dream and said that I was his chosen one to be a cleric.   Can you believe that?  I mean, Moradin – the CREATOR! – came to my parents in a dream.  They had the same dream.  AT THE SAME TIME!  It’s crazy.  Remember all those times as kids when we would all sleep in a circle with our heads touching, trying to have the same dream?   Never happened!   But my parents – who honestly, I am shocked still sleep together after 120 years! – my parents had the same exact same dream where Moradin came down and took their hands and told them that their daughter had a destiny.  A destiny!

Now, I’m not sure why he came to my parents instead of directly to me, but who am I to question the Creator himself?  I’ve never felt so special!  I have to say, though, just to be honest here…. religious training, not so fun.   Lots to read, lots to memorize.  I’ve never been one for remembering things - I guess you could say I’m better at remembering feelings or ideas or I dunno.  Can’t remember lists very well.  My mom would always get upset with me for writing her list for the market on my arm.  Not fitting to be all marked up like one of those wild forest elves, she’d say.  But if I didn’t mark myself up, I’d inevitably come home with a ten pound sack of chickens and a large potato instead of the other way around.

Anyway, religious training.  I love Moradin as much as the next dwarf, but the only way I am going to even remotely remember any of the things I’ve studied is if I make up little songs about them and sing them to myself.  I mean, I’ve been making up songs ever since I was a baby dwarf.   Moradin made us out of earth, do-daaa, do-daaa.  Forged our souls and gave us worth, oh do da daaay! Still remember that one after all these years.  Can’t forget it.

Let’s just say that getting to this destiny that the Dwarf Father has given me has been kinda hard.  Okay, really hard.  But I’m working at it.  I mean, after all, I have a destiny!  Do you have a destiny?

Of course, he didn’t give me much else to work with other than my destiny involving being a cleric for him.   I’m going with it, because, well, it’s Moradin, duh!! I have to say, the first time I uttered a prayer and had something actually HAPPEN, it was freakin’ awesome.   Scary, but awesome.  I mean, Moradin is granting me these powers!  Me!?!  It’s hard to believe.  But cool.  So cool.

…but I’m running into a small snafu.   I’m kinda grossed out by blood.  Not talking papercut blood, that’s okay.   But one day this group of guys came in carrying a fighter that had been severely injured in training.  And it was like my stomach got all tied up in knots.  “Heal him, Mielka,” my teacher said.   I was frozen for a second, just staring at the gaping wound as it spurted blood.   I closed my eyes and began to hum a little tune to myself.  Destiny, I have a destiny.  I am Moradin’s Lass.   I put my hands on the fighter and uttered the prayer that sealed his wounds.

Then promptly turned around and vomited into the nearest pot.   Yeah, shining moment.

I’d like to say that I have gotten better.  I’m at the point where I don’t puke anymore.  Still retch a little, but no puking.  Hey, it’s progress, right?  Anyway, I’m sure that it’s something I’ll outgrow like how my brother outgrew his need to collect large amounts of “green gold” in the corner of his room by his bed as he picked his nose at night.  Then again, I don’t think that’s nearly the same.  He’s a miner now (go figure!) and me, well, I have a DESTINY!   Cleric of Moradin.   Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

Either way, I suppose I should explain how I got here to Cillamar.  It all starts with a dwarf who is older than the Ul Dominor mountains…

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