Work, and Other Life-Threatening Activities

I've been on a minor blogging hiatus for the second half of August as my day job starts up again. My "vacation" from blogging has made me think about something, though: Do you ever take a vacation from online dating? Is there a point where you say to yourself, "My life is too crazy right now, let me just hide my profile"? Or do you just let things slide for a month or so while keeping the profile active? … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Tuesdays with Moradin

So there I am, having an ale with Moradin, warming myself by the Great Forge, and he's just about to tell me about my destiny when I feel myself being pulled away. I'd like to say that this is what ale must feel like when the tap is turned and it gets sucked out of the keg.  I'm being drawn away from the warmth and comfort at Moradin's side... Where am I going?  What's going on?  Why am I so cold?  WHY AM I NAKED? OH DEAR MORADIN, WHERE THE HECK AM I AND WHY AM I NAKED? … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass… is Dead.

We wake up in our camp in the hallway.  I'd just like to say that a bedroll is not so comfortable and the stench of mushrooms in this place is pretty bad.  Oh well. The door at the end of the hall opens into a room with glowing blue crystals and runes on the floor.  We tiptoe in, weapons drawn.  We don't feel like being attacked again.  The crystals seem to have drawings in them - pretty cool! - but we can't make out what they are, really. All of the sudden - whoa!! - the floor starts to … [Read more...]

Minor hiatus… probably ChattyDM style.

Dear wonderful geek friends, As you may know, the SuperBlogger you know and love as e. has a day job as a teacher.  As you may also know, it's Back to School time.  For the next couple weeks I will post when I can but will not be updating as often as usual due to work commitments. I promise that once the school year starts rolling along at a steady pace, I'll be back to my normal, near-daily posting self. Much love, e. … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Tip-Toe Through the Hummus… I mean, humus?

We get to a big scary silver door with a big scary silver head with a big scary silver open mouth.  It's locked. There's a skeleton hand coming out of a rubbly bit of the wall.  I'm not sure how whoever the skeleton was got stuck in the wall, but either way.  Wall, bony hand, oh, and a scroll.  There's a scroll in there.  You'd think maybe that would be important... … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: The Shaft Incident

So there we were, hanging back and chilling a bit while Errich and Helion scout forward and down the stairs.  We get the okay from them and follow down the hallway and see the remnants of a bridge and a giant hole with a chain hanging in the center. A giant chain.  I've never seen a chain this big, I don't think.  I could probably fit my whole HAND in it, and I have a pretty pudgy hand.  My whole hand!  Geez! We can hear the sounds of a waterfall below, but can't see anything through the … [Read more...]

Profile Makeover: “Vader” (AFTER)

Lucky for Vader, his Death Star of a dating profile is now fully operational.  It's a profile like a tractor beam, drawing women in!  Okay, I'm out of stupid similes and metaphors. Vader's old profile had a boring beginning, laundry lists, and the biggest red flag paragraph I've ever seen.  Sadly, his attempt to "communicate high standards" was communicating "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" Even more sadly, the ladies were listening to that.  Let's see how he's looking now... … [Read more...]


Just a quick update to say: GDG has had over 25,000 unique visitors! Reverend Mike just posted comment number 1,000! In more mundane news, coming soon... Vader's new profile Mielka's adventure continues Minis Seeking Love... three different sets of 'em! Did I mention one of them is Star Wars? … [Read more...]

e’s Feed Favorites: 8/6/08

Welcome to the latest edition of e's feed favorites, where I run down the best things from my RSS feedbag for the past week! First off, bonus points if you can NAME THAT TUNE (played solely on telephones... four telephones): … [Read more...]

Profile Makeover: “Vader” (DURING)

"Vader" was the winner of the Geek's Dream Girl Personal Ad Makeover Contest for July.  His profile has some major red flags and is literally driving the ladies away!  (Poor Vader!) Let's take a look at some of the things that will be demolished and reconstruction so his Death Star of a profile will be fully operational. … [Read more...]