e’s +5 Post of Pimping

Okay, I know that Feed Favorites only came out two days ago, but some stuff has come up recently that I can’t possibly wait a week to tell you about.

In this +5 Post of Pimping:

  • GenCon goodness (and e cursing her new job’s training days)
  • The lights are out, but somebody’s home!
  • Prizes, prizes, prizes!
  • DVDs, drunken Zelda adventures, and Power Strip Chewing 101
  • Sexy Red Dragons

#1 – If you’re going to GenCon, please drink a White Russian in my honor.  *sniffle*  While you’re there, don’t miss the StupidRanger crew’s session:  Out of the Box Roleplaying.  Not only will you have a blast, you’ll get to meet everybody who is anybody in the RPG blogging scene.  (Except me.  Stupid mandatory job training.  Next year I will be at GenCon!!)

#2 – Speaking of RPG bloggers, the Propagandroid at The Gamer Dome apologizes for an unplanned disappearance of his site.  Technical difficulties.  Don’t worry – the ‘droid will be back!

#3 – RoleplayGateway is having a big celebration for the month of August.  There are trivia games and banner/tshirt design contests and all sorts of prizes are being given away, including a Personal Ad Makeover by yours truly.

You can also win:

  • Custom full-color or black and white character sketches, avatars and signatures, flash animations (all courtesy of their arts team).
  • A spot as a “featured member” on a future RoleplayGateway podcast!
  • Getting to have your work posted as a “featured piece” on the RoleplayGateway blog!
  • Getting a free Roleplay Advertisement spot, one of the site’s newest ways to promote your roleplay!
  • Getting interviewed by Vexar’s new “Interview with a Roleplayer” series!

#4 – As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of The Guild.  Anyway, if you are too, there are a few things you’re going to want to check out.

  • Power Strip Baby is in a Cutest Baby Contest where he can win a $20,000 scholarship.  If you think he’s adorable (and he is!), please check out the details on The Guild’s site and go vote for him.
  • Guild Season 1 is available on DVD today for only $20!  Who is going to buy it for me?
  • Sandeep Parikh, aka Zaboo, has a new web series called Legend of Neil.  Basically, a guy passes out after drinking and playing Legend of Zelda and wakes up to find that he is stuck in the game.  It is totally NSFW, so please don’t check it out if Big Brother can see your web history.  There are two episodes out so far and it’s pretty hilarious.

#5 – Voting for the ENnies ends August 6th.  Be sure to vote for DungeonMastering.com!

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