Moradin’s Lass: Making New Friends at the Slumbering Drake Inn

I’d just like to say that The Slumbering Drake Inn is the biggest inn I’ve ever seen.  I mean, there have to be like thirty rooms up here, and there’s a huge tavern area downstairs with all sorts of ales and wines I haven’t tried yet.  My room is big with a huge comfy bed.  I could live here – and hey! – there’s a bag in here with enough gold that I CAN live here!!  At least for a month or so, depending on how much ale I drink at the bar.

Since I’ve been given a list of my new companions and their descriptions, I wander down to the bar to see what I can see… and there they are!

My new friends:

Helion - An elf ranger from the Witchwood.  Says he’s the “protector of the forest.”  I guess that’s the kind of destiny an elf would have.

Errich - A halfling who claims to be in boat repair.  He has shifty eyes.  Don’t know what to think of him yet.

Drash from Clan Stormbringer – A dragonborn fighter who served in some militia or something.  He’s got this deep scratchy voice like he’s trying to sound all scary, but I know better.  I will find his squishy dragon heart – you just wait!

Fin - A human who is trying to be difficult.  “I live by my sword.”  What kind of introduction is that?  Shesh.

I introduce myself and my destiny and how I’m a cleric and will make sparkles and heal everybody just as long as they don’t bleed too much because that’s gross, ok?  Okay.

Drash calls up the barkeep and asks if anybody in town needs help or is beeing hassled or anything.  “It’s a big town,” she says.   Duh.

Or work?” Helion asks.  “Just to help around.

What are you?” the barkeep asks.

Problem solvers,” Drash grunts.  Ha.  Nice.  I have to say, that’s a pretty awesome answer.  I need to remember that.

Maybe Lady Chauntessa can help you,” the barkeep says.

Drash glares at her. “That’s who I wanted. Don’t know why YOU came over.

What a dick,” Helion says.

The innkeeper, Lady Chauntessa, is what my mother would call a Skinny Bitch.  Mama’s always had a problem with being a curvy girl.  Me, I think I am totally sexy!  Either way, the Lady of the Inn has a cute drake that sleeps on her shoulders.  Doesn’t look very comfortable, being that she’s so skinny. She’s very pretty, though.  Very tall, flowy silver white hair.  But skinny, really skinny.  Rumor has it that she’s some sort of sorceress.

Helion talks with her and she says that she has a friend who might need us to retrieve something for him.  I’m keeping an eye on Mr. Live-By-My-Sword.  He’s going to be a hard one to figure out.

We drink for a while and make small talk until a gnome arrives.  Silverheel is his family name.  I look.  They don’t look silver.  He’s a gem trader.  Now I’m not one for remembering details, or lists, or well, much of anything.  But basically there was this orc that bit it in the mountains and that orc had something on him that belonged to Silverheel’s family.

Now here’s the sad part – his family was killed by orcs centuries ago.  They lived in an underground city and the orcs raided it.  In order to protect themselves, a few crazy brave gnomes collapsed the city on the orcs!  Can you believe that?  I can’t imagine destroying my home!

Anyhoo, it seems that an opening to the city has been found.  Silverheel eyes us and says he thinks we might be strong enough to handle this quest – go find the entrance to the city and retrieve anything that has his family’s mark on it.

He names a price, but I’m not really concerned about money.  Moradin will provide for me as long as I’m following my destiny – right?  Right!

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