Moradin’s Lass: Our First Adventure!

The next morning – even though I totally didn’t sleep!! too exciting! – we have breakfast and paid our rooms for the next five days and let the Innkeeper know that we’d be back.

We walk along a small path which has definitely not seen use in a long time.  Late that afternoon, we find the place where the orc was killed.  It was a few days ago, but there’s still broken arrows and – ew! – dried blood everywhere.  No bodies, thankfully.

Helion uses his awesome ranger skills to find tracks for us to follow.  This is good because I don’t think my destiny covers track-finding.  There’s a pretty sunset going on as we reach some half-buried ruins… and the end of the tracks.   There’s a patch of grass that looks suspiciously square like a rug.

Before I figure out what’s going on, Drash gets down and starts digging like a dog in the ground.   He goes through the grass, into dirt, and finally to rock.  We’re standing in these ruins, leaning on the standing stones, wondering what to do, and apparently somebody leaned on the right rock, because the door opens to reveal stairs.  Too cool.  When I have a house of my own, I want one of those!

Okay, but let me just say that when I have a house and a cool door like this, I will have appropriate ventilation!  The air down there is nasty.  It’s pretty dark, but somebody strikes a sunrod and it’s all good from there.  In the corner of the small room is a dusty crate that’s been crushed by a fallen ceiling beam.  There’s a skull on the floor by the crate, which I recognize as a dwarf skull.  There’s a gem in one of the eye sockets.  I pick up the skull and squeeze it.  Poor brother.

But eek! As soon as I pick up the skull, the wall next to me crumbles.  There are five undead in the room – two big skeletons and three small ones.  The larger ones look… fresh?  I’m not sure exactly how to put it.   Gross.  They’re pretty big, maybe big enough to be orcs.  Hard to tell without the flesh and all.

Stay back and prepare yourselves, I’m going in!” yells Drash.

Of course, who takes the first hit?  Me.  Ouch.  Guess it’s handy that I can heal myself.  Drash runs in and smacks one and it falls over.  I hum a little tune and cast Turn Undead.  The skeleton’s jaw makes an irritating clicking sound, but it is otherwise frozen in its place.  I am so excited that I have to point out:  “I did that!  Special!

Of course, I didn’t kill it, but Errich moved in and took care of that.

The second skeleton, I got to use my SPARKLES!! – I mean, Lance of Faith.  Mr. Live-By-Sword has this crazy flaming cyclone thing, and the elf… well, he broke his bow string.  Silly elves.

After we cleared the room of pesky undead, Errich picks out the gem from the dwarf skull.  “Not worth much,” he says, and shoves it in his pocket.  How would a boat repairman know about gems?  Hmm.  Oh well.

I heal myself up as the others search the room.  They find a cold area of the wall with the word “SECRET” written above it in runes and after some pressure from our resident big boy dragonborn, a door slowly opens to reveal a hallway.  There’s light at the end and it smells like food and burned wood.

Of course, our big boy goes down the hall first.  It’s a good thing too, because these slimy little blue humanoids with giant eyes attack him immediately and he falls to the ground.  They giggle with glee.   Errich runs up and he gets attacked as well.  “It’s safe in here!” he says.  Hahaha.  No.

Fin runs in with his sword he lives by.  Meanwhile, Drash is bleeding everywhere. Ew ew ew.  Luckily I can heal him without having to get any closer to the nasty ewwy blood.   After healing him up (thank you, Moradin!), I move a bit closer to the others.

Helion runs up, pulls back his bowstring, and lets loose an arrow that actually hits something!  I think it’s the first time today that he’s managed to hit anything, so I bounce up and down and clap for him.   Drash lets loose some dragonbreath from his spot on the ground and I toss a bit of quick healing to Errich.

I really wish everybody would stop bleeding.  I need a “Don’t Start Bleeding” prayer.   I’ll have to do some research to see if such a thing exists.

The guys turn the corner into the next room.   I hear sounds of surprise, grinding gears, wood thunking against flesh.   (Cool sound – THUNK!)  Then I see Fin flying backwards.  The giggling of the little blue men turns to shrieking.   I’d just like to say that I’m glad I didn’t see what happened over there.  I have a feeling it involved blood.

Errich walks up to the door on the far side of the room to check it out.  We all argue over who should check the door and open it.  “Okay, send the dragon in!” the elf says.  Then he opens the door himself.  (I will never understand elves.)    After a minute he comes back and says that one way leads to the gear room (filled with bleeding blue men, gross), and the other way has some stairs heading further down.

Down we go, I suppose!

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