e’s Feed Favorites: 8/6/08

Welcome to the latest edition of e’s feed favorites, where I run down the best things from my RSS feedbag for the past week! First off, bonus points if you can NAME THAT TUNE (played solely on telephones… four telephones):

D&D Related

RPGBloggers.com is pretty much going to take care of all the RPG related plugging!!  Actually, it’s 11:46 on Wednesday and I really wanna get this post published.  Ha!

Random Geekery

The most awesome TV related post ever – Why You Shouldn’t Watch Firefly – from Critical Hits.

I have plugged this again and again, but please please please check out Legend of Neil, from the people who brought you The Guild.

For those lucky folks going to GenCon, check out the vendor list compiled by Trask at LivingDice.

BingeGamer had a hilarious story about a wanted murderer getting caught while playing Guitar Hero at Walmart, of all places.

Neatorama linked to an awesome place where you can buy fake Boy Scout merit badges for things like Blogging.  YES!!  Oh, and you should definitely date a unicorn because they fart glitter.  If anyone finds a Homer Simpson Euro, please send it to me!

I <3 Hawty McBloggy.  I always find something on her blog that I need to share with you all.  Check out this XBox wedding cake which spells inevitable doom for the newlyweds.

Art based on Darth Vader’s helmet?  Only at Geekologie.  Oh, and who needs Strawberry Alarm Clock when you can have the Wake n’Bacon alarm clock?

If you haven’t been reading Stolen Pixels by Shamus Young, we will hunt you down and gank you.  This one is about the WoW server types… so hilarious, and true.

BoingBoing, you never cease to bring me awesome info, like how to surgically create your own elf ears.

That’s all the geek that’s fit to eat!  Yum!

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