Moradin’s Lass: Tuesdays with Moradin

So there I am, having an ale with Moradin, warming myself by the Great Forge, and he’s just about to tell me about my destiny when I feel myself being pulled away.

I’d like to say that this is what ale must feel like when the tap is turned and it gets sucked out of the keg.  I’m being drawn away from the warmth and comfort at Moradin’s side…

Where am I going?  What’s going on?  Why am I so cold?  WHY AM I NAKED? OH DEAR MORADIN, WHERE THE HECK AM I AND WHY AM I NAKED?

As my eyes focus, I see Helion holding out a set of clothes that I had left at the inn.  I quickly put them on – because ew, I don’t wanna be naked around these guys! – and as my eyes start to focus, I realize we’re in a temple.  They must have brought part of me back and gotten me resurrected.  That’s very sweet of them – and expensive.   I wonder how much it cost to get me back…

Either way, the boys seem happy to have me back.  Turns out, Drash died too.  Apparently he jumped into the center of the blue gigglers, trying to defend me.  How sweet.

I’d just like to say that being resurrected is nice, but seriously, I have a killer headache.  Feel kinda dizzy.  Not quite myself.   I’d drink an ale, but something tells me that probably would be a bad idea.  Tastes good on the way down, not so much on the way up.  So yeah, no ale.

Helion brings us up to date because I guess we had been dead for a day or something.  Weird.  Didn’t seem like a day.  They already went and saw Mr. Silverheel, the gnome we had been working for.  When they gave him the map we found in the skeleton hand, his eyes shined like gold pieces and he told us we could keep whatever else we found – including my frosty hammer, which the boys were nice enough to collect from my dead body for me – and he gave them a note that enabled them to get Drash and me rezzed at the temple.

They also got a note from the Pack of the White Wolves.  We’re apparently being watched pretty closely because they knew everything about, well, everything.  Weird, huh?  Didn’t see anyone following us or anything, but lo and behold, there’s a note when we get back about them seeing what we did.  They’re not terribly impressed – I mean, two of us died! – but they’re watching us still.

After stocking back up on things they couldn’t carry back from our bodies – hooray for shiny new armor!  looks much nicer than my old set, I have to say! – after that, we head back to the lair of the blue gigglers and in another entrance.  I must have missed this part when I was dead.  (I was dead. Isn’t that weird?  How many people can be like, “Oh, that? I must have missed that when I was dead.”  Not many, I don’t think.  I’m special!)

Helion wants to check out another room, just beyond the mushroom room where I died.  (I died. Ha!  I’m not sure I will get over how weird it is to write that.)  We’re back in the hallway where we camped that night (before I died!)  and we can hear giggling up ahead.

Stepping around the corner, Helion shoots and kills one and then backs up behind the rest of us, seeing if he can draw them out of hiding.   Instead, we hear the hum of the elevator starting to go down.  We run for the door to catch them.  Fin unleashes a flame cyclone.  I try for sparkles and they fizzle out.  I’m hoping this is a side effect of my death (hahahahhahah… wow, best excuse ever!) but I really don’t know.  We jump into the elevator room and surround the last blue guy and take him down.

At the bottom, we take a short rest.  I’m really not interested in going further because while the idea of my death is kind of amusing, I don’t really want to go through it again.  It was pretty bad DURING the dying.  Not so bad after, really.   But during, during dying I don’t want to do again.

We walk through the room with no problems and in the next room find the shaft where we had so much trouble earlier with the ropes and the chain and the disk and the clumsy elf.   At the bottom of the shaft is a lake and there’s a glowing crystal giving off a distinctly evil vibe.  I don’t like it one bit, no siree Moradin.

There’s a rope leading from the ledge down to the lake.  Erichh suggests we destroy the crystal.  Maybe the blue gigglers aren’t evil – just possessed by the crystal’s power.   There are four blue gigglers dancing and chanting by the lake and one that looks special – a female with a large staff.

Everyone starts to go down the rope.  Me, I’m not one for climbing, really.  I pull out my ritual book and make my disk.  I climb on to the disk and start to head down after my companions when I slip a little.  I let out a loud squeak as I attempt to catch myself and hold on to the disk.  Sadly, this alerts the blue gigglers to our presence.  Darnit.

Everybody is in the middle of the lake in 3 feet of water, which isn’t bad except for the halfling.  It must really be awful to be so short.  I hover on my disk – low enough to be able to use my prayers but high enough that the blue gigglers won’t be able to hit me.   Helion shoots an arrow at the crystal and the arrow splinters into tiny pieces.

The girl giggler with the staff teleports away across the lake and shoots a spell at Drash.  Helion shoots an arrow at her and she turns invisible.  Shoot.  Not only is she  a caster, I have no idea where she is.  Great!

I float up and smack the crystal with my old hammer.  (Hey, I saw what it did to Helion’s arrows.  I wasn’t going to risk my new frosty hammer turning into rubble!)  My mind fills with images of Mielka the Warlord, leading armies of monsters, conquering the world and killing my companions.  I’m holding the colors of an evil god… some minor one, I can’t remember which…

I shake myself out of it.  Weird.  That was really weird.  I go to hit the crystal again, but miss.  Stupid disk makes it hard to do much.   Just then I get hit by a bolt of magic from the girl giggler.  Drash runs over and kills her (he’s a good defender, he is!) and we are alone and safe again.  For now.

I float down to the pool area and tell everyone what I saw when I hit the crystal.  Soooo weird.

We search the bodies of the blue gigglers and find nothing, but Erichh finds 600 gold buried at the base of the crystal.   Speaking of the crystal, we decide that we should try to find some priests or something to come cleanse the crystal of the evil energy.  It’s obviously pretty powerful – more powerful than I am as one cleric.

They urge me to try, tho.  I close my eyes and think happy thoughts of Moradin and the Great Forge and the Light and feel the power surge through me and into the crystal.   The crystal isn’t completely cleansed, but it appears to be neutralized for the moment.  We’ll have to come back with more help to get the job done right.  Totally cool.  Maybe I do have a destiny after all.  Maybe that’s what Moradin was going to say just before the tap was turned and I got poured back into the ale mug of the living.

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