Work, and Other Life-Threatening Activities

I’ve been on a minor blogging hiatus for the second half of August as my day job starts up again. My “vacation” from blogging has made me think about something, though:

Do you ever take a vacation from online dating?

Is there a point where you say to yourself, “My life is too crazy right now, let me just hide my profile“?

Or do you just let things slide for a month or so while keeping the profile active?

Taking A Break – The Cons

  • You’re taking yourself off the market.  You may miss “the one”!
  • No dates, at least from your online dating profile.
  • Sometimes you need a date to keep your sanity when things get crazy.
  • If you’re paying for the service – it’s a waste of money to hide your profile!

Taking A Break – The Pros

  • If you’re too busy with work (or other life-threatening activities), you’re probably too busy to be in the right frame of mind for starting a relationship.
  • It’s good to take something off your plate once in a while so you have the energy to regroup and focus on your goals.
  • It’s good to step away for a while and come back with a fresh set of eyes.  You may come back with a different attitude that enables you to see something different in a profile you’d once skimmed over… or she may have freshened up her profile or posted a different picture, causing you to give her a second glance!

What do you think?  Is it better to pull yourself out of the game 100% if your life is hectic or better to check into your profile sporadically?

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