Moradin’s Lass: Lookin’ for Help in All The Wrong Places

So I’d just like to say that I’m still feeling kinda woozy after being all brought back from the dead.  It’s kinda like that feeling when you know you’re coming down with a cold – just kinda weak and fuzzy-minded, I guess.  Well, more fuzzy-minded than usual.

By the time we get back into town after our crystal cleansing, we’re pretty tired.  But we gotta go to the store and pick out some armor for our dragonborn, because apparently scales AND scalemail aren’t enough to keep him from bleeding everywhere.  I’m all about investing in less bleeding.  Great cause, less bleeding.  Excellent cause.  A cause worthy of my gold pieces.

We head back to our rooms at the Slumbering Drake Inn for the night and crash.  All this adventuring really wears me out, especially after dying.  That dying is pesky, it is.

When we wake up, there are two notes awaiting us in the dining area…

There’s a note from Helion, who got a special assignment of some sort and has left us for a day or two.  Must be some super secret elf thing, I dunno.  Elves.  Can’t live with ‘em, can’t bury ‘em in the mountains.  They are pretty useful tho, I suppose.  Good for shooting things with arrows.  Anyway…

The second note was from Quintus, the potion guy in town.  Helion had brought some of the mushrooms from the blue giggler cave to him.   The note is addressed to Helion, but seeing as he’s not exactly here to open it, we open it for him.  Quintus is very brief and only says that he has an urgent matter to discuss with us.  Very urgent.   We decide to go to his shop to talk to him.

Quintus’ shop is in the Common Quarter of Cillamar, just northwest of the inn.  It’s a tiny shop filled with shelves of potions.   We introduce ourselves to Quintus, who is at first a little worried about Helion not being with us, but eventually gets over it when we explain that we were with him when he found the mushrooms.  He takes us into the back room.

It seems that Quintus has a problem.  His apprentice left town to collect herbs for him.  She was heading up by the old ruined monastery that the monks were working to restore.  I vaguely remember us passing by there or something.   Either way, his apprentice hasn’t come back, but her familiar has.  Since the boys don’t seem to care, I ask about the familiar.  It is a cat and it crawled back to the shop, beaten and severely wounded.  The only thing Quintus could assume was that his apprentice was attacked near the monastery and was captured and taken somewhere.  He asks us if we could help us find her – seeing as Helion was so nice and helpful.

Erichh, of course, is interested in how we would be compensated for this helpful behavior.  As long as there’s food and ale in my belly and clothes on my back, I’m happy.  I can even deal without the clothes if the ale is good.

Quintus offers us half off any potions in his shop if we can bring his apprentice back to him.   Oh, like maybe potions to heal ourselves so we’re not laying helpless on the floor while some MYSTERIOUS FIREBALL OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN kills us?  Ok, ok, I’m not bitter.

How will we recognize your apprentice?” Erichh asks.  “Male, female, goat?

Goat?  Seriously?  How would a goat collect herbs and why would a goat have a cat familiar?  Seriously, Erichh can be kinda dumb sometimes.

She’s a human girl named Lyssa,” Quintus says, giving us a short description.

We head out of town and towards the monastery.  Drash attempts to talk to Fin, who seems pretty guarded.  They talk tactics, but Fin won’t go into any pleasantries, as much as Drash tries to connect with him.

I’m huffing and puffing because it’s pretty hilly here.  Up and down, up and down.  I think maybe I should pull up my floating disk and ride it around, but that would be pretty lazy.  The monastery is at the top of a set of hills and sits right by a lake.   There’s a cave that goes through the hill and out the other side into the monastery.  There are torches in the corridor and a big door at the end.

Fin knocks and after a bit, a small window opens and some eyes peer out suspiciously.


Drash explains about our quest to find the woman.  A friend of a friend, he says.  We’re wondering if maybe they had seen anything weird in the area and maybe had seen her.  The guy points out that we’re at a monastery and as a rule, there aren’t any women there.  Well, duh.  Either way, he seems pretty harsh and uncaring for a monk.  “Why should this concern us?” he asks.  Drash tries his best to explain.  The monk asks us if we’d like to come in and talk to their Superior about it.  Drash agrees.  The eye window closes.  We hear some voices and then the sound of a huge metal bar moving and several locks being unlocked.

The big door opens into a small room.  Large stone blocks form the walls and a pair of sturdy wooden doors are on the opposite side.  There are small slit windows that overlook the lake.  The monk says he will take us to his Superior so we can talk to him.  We move into a room by the stables that has five large tents set up.  We get lead into the central tent.

The tents are set up for sleeping with five hammocks and five foot lockers.  I let my friends know that I’m not feeling too good about this monk guy – he’s got shifty eyes.  I mean, yeah, that’s all we saw of him for a while, but they were really shifty.  He was also kinda nasty for a monk, and being a cleric myself, kinda close to a monk (maybe, I dunno), he really should be nicer.  Maybe he’s not a monk.  Maybe he’s something else.  Maybe this is just my death personality talking.  I dunno.

Erichh stealths and peers out of the tent.  “Bad juju,” he whispers.  Drash suggests that Ericch go scouting and Fin suggests that he say that he’s looking for the privvy if anyone asks what he’s doing.

There’s people coming,” he says when he returns.  “I don’t know if I trust them…

Three monks approach.  Two open the flaps to let in the third, who is a very tall and lean human in his 40s.  He smiles at us and gestures for us to sit.  “Gentlemen,” he says.  (HELLO?  WHAT ABOUT THE GIRL DWARF?)  “Gentlemen, please sit.  Let me help you.”   We hear footsteps around the tent.  Tall Monk continues to smile. “Please, sit.
“I’ll stand, thanks,” I say, pointing out, “I don’t think we’ll need to stay long.”

He seems so friendly, except for the footsteps.  Something is fishy.

Drahs explains about the missing girl.  Erichh tries to bluff about us stopping by the monastery to get some rations and supplies seein gas it was on the way.

It’s no wonder you’re losing your friends if you can’t remember to refresh your rations,” Tall Monk says.  “Let me see what I can do for you.

He steps back out of the front flaps and the tent collapses on us.   Shoot.

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