Moradin’s Lass: More Fun Than a Tent Sale

So there we were with a tent falling on us and Moradin knows how many people attached to those feet sounds we heard outside.  Drash slashes at the tent, makes a hole, and jumps out.

What’s out there?” I ask.

I hear the crackle of Drash’s lightning breath.

Two more approaching from the north and west,” he shouts.

I hear a slashing as another weapon rips through the tent.  I jump out the hole Drash made and stand next to him, throwing sparkles at the evil “monk”.   He tries to hit me and misses – Moradin be thanked!

Eek!! TOO SOON!  As soon as I thank Moradin for his graciousness, we are surrounded by three of the fake monks…

Drash kills one and slashes at a second, bringing him to the ground.  It stands up and takes a swing at Drash.  I smack the one to my right with my frosty hammer and with a big THUNK, he falls to the ground dead.   Whoa. Totally cool.  Moradin’s blessing shield Drash and I as we continue the fight.

The rest of the “monks” shift towards the front of the tent and line up.  I hear sounds that can only be the sounds of a halfling gurgling on his own blood.  Seriously, nasty.  People need to stop getting hurt.  I cast Healing Word on him.  It doesn’t seem to work that well but at least the nasty sound is gone.

Fin whips out his Flaming Cyclone and hits all three monks, killing one.

People behind the wall,” Erichh says.   What?  More?

I sparkle the leader, but only manage to singe the tips of his hair.  Erichh takes down one of the smaller ones while the leader lunges for Fin and misses.  I sparkle the leader and he’s toast.  Woohoo!  Thank you, Moradin!

We hear some noises from behind the wall, but once the last monk falls, we hear less and less until all is quiet.

These guys probably overtook the monastery and were forcing the monks to work for them,” Fin says.

Chick’s probably here somewhere,” Erichh says.  The “chick”?  Ugh.  Well, at least she’s not a goat.

There’s a hole in the wall to the south.  We see ruins through the hole but no people.  Fin suggests we sit back to back and take a quick break while Erichh stealths over to the hole and explores.

After a while, he motions for us to come over.  We follow him through the wall and into a hallway.  There are many holes in the wall where it is crumbling apart.  Erichh sneaks into the room ahead to explore while I hang back with Fin.

Erichh cries out for us from the room.  There’s a green drake in there and more of the “monks”.  I hear the familiar sounds of people bleeding – ew ew ew! – and suddenly Fin disappears and Erichh appears in his place.  Drash yells for me to come in and heal Erichh, but before I can get into the room, Erichh is standing there in the doorway, his hair matted with fresh blood.  This is seriously so disgusting.   I heal him, run into the room (trying not to look at him, ew!), and summon extra energy to heal Fin, who is now surrounded by two “monks” and a drake.

Fin lets loose green flames that scorch all three.  Erichh runs into the room, slightly less bloody, and makes short work of the drake.   Fin shouts horrible things to the “monk” and shifts around so we have him surrounded and take him down.

We loot the bodies and find nothing of worth.  Then we realize we didn’t loot the bodies in the last room (too crazy there?), so we send Erichh back to the other room to check them.  He comes back with a shiny magic sword, which Drash takes to add to his weapon collection.  Erichh also tells us that the head “monk” had a giant tattoo on his back of two hands chained together.  It’s the symbol of slavers – The Iron Manacles.

Erichh sneaks into the next room, a bedroom, and begins to look through the desk.  He finds paperwork that on the surface looks to be the finances of the monastery.  On closer inspection, they are pretty fishy.  The amounts are too high for the items listed, the items are in strange quantities, it just doesn’t add up.

In fact, it seems like what’s being bought and sold is not goods, but PEOPLE.

Umberwood coffins, anybody?”  Erichh asks, waving a piece of half-burned paper he found in a copper pot by the bed.   Drash’s eyes flash with some sort of recognition.   He’s pretty sure he’s seen a sign for them back in Cillamar.

Odd… very odd.  What could this all MEAN?

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