Product Review: Dice Bags by Marsbarn at Etsy

The dice penguin was getting crowded.  Very crowded.  It was easy back in the day when it was just Mar’Kessa.  You see, all Mar’Kessa needed were d20s and d6s the majority of the time.  I could leave all those other dice at home.

But with the advent of Mielka on Monday, something new TBA on Wednesday, and Phighter on Saturdays, I’m finding that I’m using almost all of the flavors of dice, which makes for one overcrowded penguin.

That’s when I read the review that Martin over at Gnome Stew wrote about Marsbarn’s dice bags.  It was such a glowing review that I just had to go over there and buy one for myself.

I scanned through the offerings and fell in love with two of the fabrics – the green celtic fabric (I have blindingly white skin and dark hair – kiss me, I’m Irish!) and the black monster eyes fabric.

The problem?

There was not a bag for sale that involved the two fabrics together.  I emailed the seller to ask if it was a possibility.  To my glee, Heather wrote back and said that it was and if I went to the site right at that very moment, I’d see an item with my name on it.  Sweet!

My dice bag arrived in less than a week, even with the custom order.  Because I have yet to find the cord that connects my camera to my laptop and my phone’s camera would not do the bag justice, I have yoinked some pictures from Heather’s Etsy page to show what my bag looks like.  I’m sure she won’t mind since she’s getting free publicity!

Celtic side:

Monsters side:

Inside (monsters in!):

What’s Awesome About This Bag:

  • Size:  It’s huge.  4″x4″ on the bottom and 5″ tall.  I had to go buy two more sets of dice so it would look more full.  The green set is rolling very well!
  • Crafts-woman-ship:  It’s sewn together very well.  Having made several feeble attempts at sewing, I can tell you that this bag is well made by someone who knows what she’s doing!
  • Drawstring & Toggle:  Not only does the bag close tight, you can slide up the toggle to lock it shut.  The ends of the drawstring are sealed so they won’t fray – a nice touch.
  • Fully Reversible:  If I’m in an Irish mood, I can have the green side out.  If I’m in a Monsters, RAWR! mood, I can have the monsters out.
  • Square Bottom:  The bag has a square bottom, which means it stands up on its own.  I can fold down the sides and have a nice view of all the dice.  On Saturday I was able to shuffle all the dice around so they were vaguely grouped by type.  Very handy.
  • Price:  $12 & $3 shipping – A steal for such a well-made and totally awesome bag of dice holding.

Go Get One, Geek Friends!

What are you waiting for?  Go to Marsbarn at Etsy to order yours today!  Because really, don’t you want to have something in common with people as awesome as Martin Ralya and me?  (Was I gutsy enough to group myself in with the god of the gnomes?  Yes, yes I was.)  Seriously, tho, this bag is the best one you’ll find anywhere on the web.  Buy one so you can be like the cool kids.

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