Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Brandon (AFTER)

Brandon is the winner of the Geek’s Dream Girl Personal Ad Makeover Contest for August.

His old profile was lackluster and had an ending which reeked of either trying too hard or Hannibal Lecter, depending on your bent.

He’s all fixed up now so he’ll just seem like a sweet guy rather than a creepy one.  Let’s take a look…

About Me

Headline: Looking for a reason to wear my good suit!

I have the personality of Don Quixote but the looks of Sancho – hey, you can’t have it all.  (Girls who understand that reference without having to Google it get double points!) I’ve recently realized that many things I’m interested in begin with the letter M – Martial arts, Meditation, Music, questions on Man and Morality.  On nights when I’m too tired to ponder the great questions of the universe, I relax in my living room and let Yoda do it for me.

I’m looking for a woman who can appreciate my interests and maybe even share some of them.  She intrigues me with her passions and her views on life.   I’m looking first and foremost for an activity partner: someone to share dinner with, laugh with me at a comedy club, walk through the park and people watch, or snuggle up watching movies between arguments over which color lightsaber is the coolest.   I’ve been dying to go out to a really nice restaurant that necessitates wearing my good suit – would you like to be the lady on my arm?

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