Don’t Drink and Date – Okay, but don’t drink MUCH.

Your profile is working for you.  You contacted some women and one lucky prospect has earned herself a date with you.  Assuming you don’t go for an atypical date idea, you’re probably heading out for dinner.

There are many who enjoy a fine adult beverage with our meals.   Some of us enjoy them before the meal, during the meal, after the meal, during dessert, after dessert…

But as we know, all things are best done in moderation, so here are a few good reasons to pass on the booze when you’re on those first couple dates.

You’ll want to be 100% there mentally

Even a small buzz can alter your perception of events.  You may pick up vibes that she’s not really giving off, or miss on cues she’s blatantly waving in your face.  Either way, it’s no good for you or your date.

Say no to peer pressure

For some people, it is awkward to not drink if someone else is drinking.  Do you want to start off a date on an awkward moment?  Probably not.

Some folks have a history

Drinking can be a touchy subject with certain people.  Most folks have a nonchalant attitude.  If you want to drink, go ahead and drink.  However, there are others who have a bad history with alcohol – alcoholic family members, a personal history of alcoholism, or a bad situation they got into after drinking too much.

“Seriously? This is starting to sound like a PSA, e.”

I’m not saying you should never drink on a date.  There are girls who will reach for the drink menu as soon as they sit at the table.  If you find such a lady, you can feel free to imbibe.

If you’re on a third or fourth date and want to do a wine or beer tasting, knock yourselves out!  Have fun!

Just be sure to give some thought as to your reasons for drinking.   As always, be sure to have a safe way to travel home.  Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

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