MSL: Minis Seeking Love (Against the Giants edition)

Welcome to another edition of Minis Seeking Love, a little corner of Geek’s Dream Girl featuring the latest and greatest of the D&D Miniatures game as they quest for true love.

Today’s edition features the minis of Against the Giants.

According to the Wizards of the Coast website, Against the Giants will be our third foray into Huge miniatures. For this set, we’ve once again reexamined how figures are distributed across the rarities. As in War of the Dragon Queen, there are six uncommon Huge figures and six rare Huge figures, with a rare Huge being found on average in one out of three boosters. We’ve changed how the other figures are distributed, too. In addition to the 12 Huge figures in the set, there are 18 rares, 21 uncommons, and 9 commons. In a single booster, you’ll find one Huge figure (uncommon or rare), one non-Huge rare, three uncommons, and three commons.

As you might expect, Against the Giants contains a few giants and titans, all found in the 4th Edition Monster Manual. Previews of 4th Edition have mentioned the relationship between giants and titans, so for our first preview, you get to see two uncommon creatures linked to the ground beneath their feet.”

Let’s check out our eligible bachelors, bachelorettes, and… things:

Level 16 Earth Titan
seeking Titan female, level 10-16
in the Borderlands or the Wild

I am rock solid, baby.  I’ve got great abs and an arse that just won’t quit! Seriously, my best side is my backside.  People pay money to get an arse like mine.  Don’t worry about the green stuff – it’s just moss.   I’m big and strong.  And I have a nice arse. Did I say that already?

Level 7 Shocktroop Devil
seeking Devil or Demon female, level 3-10
in the Borderlands or Civilization

Check me out!  I’m evil and you love it.  I have badass armor, a huge sword, and I’m the shiftiest devil you’ve ever met.  When I’m not leading the legions of the Nine Hells, I enjoy slaughtering babies of all species.  Let’s get together and spill the blood of innocents.

Level 8 Captain of the Watch
seeking humanoid male, level 7-12
in Civilization

People say I’m inspiring – that being around me makes them better people.  I’m not trying to boast, but I do tend to bring out the best in people.  Then there was this one time a guy tried to get away from me and I pinned him down.  Oh, it wasn’t anybody I was dating.  Seriously, I’m not clingy like that.

Level 11 Eladrin Pyromancer
seeking elven female, level 5-15
in Civilization or the Wild

Flowing blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a fireball that rarely misses its mark?  Did I mention I’m a sharp dresser?  You are seriously missing out if you haven’t dated a wizard – we’re bright, charming and handsome, not to mention powerful.  I can light candles with magic – isn’t that romantic?  Come on, what are you waiting for?  Your life isn’t complete without me.

Level 8 Degenerate Cultist of Orcus
seeking humanoid female, level 1-7
in the Borderlands or Underdark

Me big and strong.  Protect you.  Big mace.  Big strong chest.
Big legs.  Big arms.  Big red beard.  Big… big.  You know.
My mace crushes with evil power.  I will love you, not crush you.
Email now to me.

Level 2 Orc Zombie
seeking brains, any level
in the Borderlands or Underdark

What better than orc?  Orc zombie.

Come near me and I will grab your heart and your brains.  Not much you can do to avoid that.

Level 5 Lizardfolk Raider
seeking lizardlady, level 1-6
in the Borderlands or the Wild

I’m at home in the swamp.  If you like the swamp, I will like you.  I move quickly in the swamp because all swamps are like my home swamp.  I run through the swamp and swish my big tail back and forth.  I have a tail fetish.  Can I touch your tail?  It’s so sexy.  All tail sexy.  Especially yours.

Level 3 Ochre Jelly
seeking jelly, level 1-30
in the Underdark or the Wild

Hi, I’m writing this profile for my friend here, Jelly.   He’s ochre colored and squishy and kinda acidy.  He’s pretty lonely in our dungeon and I can’t speak whatever language jellies speak, so um, if you know a lonely jelly too and you’re reading this, come see us.  We’re in that dungeon about a day’s walk north of the tavern.  Yeah, that tavern.  Come soon – he looks depressed.

Coming soon… more Minis Seeking Love…

including Star Wars minis!

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