When Is The Right Time To Take Down Your Profile?

Finding the right person is a great thing!  Of course, a unique question arises when you have an online dating profile:

When do you hide or take down your profile?

Is there a “right time” to do it?  When is too early?  Too late?

When should you discuss the topic with that soon-to-be special someone?

Too Early…

  • After a great first date.
  • After a great second date.
  • After a great third date.

Now, if you’re absolutely sure… go ahead and hide it.  But if she’s a smart girl, she probably has a couple other options in various states of communication.   Don’t be insulted if her profile is still up for a bit longer than yours.

Too Late…

  • After you’ve taken off clothing together.  (Swimming pool dates excluded.)

Girls are spies.  We’re curious kittens.  Let’s say we’ve done things together that imply that we are in a serious relationship.  A few days later, still basking in the glow of our intimacy, we check up on match.com and not only do we see your smiling face on your profile, but the note “Active within 24 hours“.  What?!?  We’re going to have some serious doubts about you.  Your friendly smile is going to look more like a player’s knowing grin.

She’ll be thinking:

Why is he still checking on match.com if we are serious?”

“Are we NOT a couple now?”

“Did I just make a really dumb mistake?

The Right Time

As with all things relationship-wise, it’s all about communication.  Sometime between date three and intimate encounters, this conversation needs to take place.   For some people, it’s an awkward conversation to start up, but trust me, you’ll regret it more if you don’t have it.

“So, we’ve been going out for (insert time here) and I really like spending time with you.   (Insert other nice things about her here.)  I was hoping to take down my match.com profile because I’d like to focus on getting to know you and was wondering if you were thinking the same thing.”

If she says no… continue the conversation, see where she’s coming from.  She may have a couple prospects other than you that she’s dating.  At that point, it is up to you to decide if you’re going to ride it out and see if she picks you and whether you do that with your profile up or down.

If she says yes… great! You’ve reached an agreement.  Have fun, kids!

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