Finding Your Match on Part One, Ignore the Big Stuff.

The number one thing you, my geek friends, have listed as a trouble with online dating is finding the people you’d like to date.

It’s a great day, because I’m going to give you my top secret (OMG!) methods of setting up searches for maximum results.   I’m even going to do this for free, though if you’re lazy or too busy, you can hire me to make your searches for you!

Are you ready to find YOUR geek girl?

Let’s go!

First Thing’s First… Click Search.  Then Ignore The Big Stuff gets your money by setting you up with three next-to-useless searches.  Check out what you see when you click Search:

You don’t want to bother with Mutual Matches, Reverse Matches, or Quick Search:

Mutual Matches: Matches your data with the data of other people and ranks them from 100% match on down.  The problem?  It doesn’t prioritize.  You may have a dealbreaker where you don’t date smokers.  Your Mutual Matches will show smokers if the rest of their profile matches yours favorably.

Reverse Matches: Shows you a list of people who are searching for someone like you using their About My Date data.   This one is for amusement purposes only.  My favorite thing to do with Reverse Match?  I sort by age and laugh at the youngins and dirty old men.

Quick Search: Bottom of the barrel!!  Your only choices are gender, age, and distance from your ZIP.  I’m sure you’re pickier than that.  In fact, I certainly HOPE you are!

In the next post…

Setting up your “dream girl” search using Custom Search.

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