Finding Your Match on Part Two, The DreamGirl Search

In Part One of this series, you learned why the three major searches promoted by are in essence pretty useless.

Veteran fans of the blog know that I met my Geek Boy / Code Monkey / Redhead Dreamboy / Love! through’s Custom Search feature.

Because I couldn’t find any decent singles in my town that even came remotely close to dreamboy status, I decided to spread my wings and search the entire country.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But it worked, and you can’t question that!

Here’s how to set up your own Dream Girl search…

Step One:  Find the Tiny Link to Custom Search

Look for it… look for it…

Oh, there it is!  It’s in tiny font at the top.  Go on, click that.  Amazing how they hide it, isn’t it?  They wouldn’t want you easily finding the BEST way to search profiles!

Step Two:  Build the Perfect Woman

Here’s the screen you’ll see when you get to Custom Search:

Go on, go hot wild.  Your first custom search is your wildest dream search.   Build the perfect woman.


  • How tall is she?
  • What type of body does she have?
  • Is she single, divorced, widowed, separated?
  • Unless you’re a firm believer in astrology, skip her sign.  (Besides, sun signs have soooo little to do with personality!)
  • What are her turn-ons?  Pick a couple.
  • Turn offs?  Again, just one or two.
  • If your dream girl has particular eyes or hair, select those.


  • What are her exercise habits?  Gym bunny?  Couch potato?
  • What kind of diet does she have?
  • Is she a smoker or drinker?
  • Does she work in a particular industry? (Think backwards too… are there certain professions that you wouldn’t date – aka “I’d never date a lawyer..” or “No more eternal students!”)
  • Should she have a particular yearly income?
  • Who does she live with?
  • Does she have kids or pets?


  • Are you attracted to a particular ethnicity?  (…and burning question, does this make you racist?)
  • Should your match share your faith?
  • Where did her education end?  High School? Grad School?
  • Does she speak any languages other than English?
  • What is her political bent?

Once you’ve gotten it all in there, don’t look back!  Don’t second guess!  Don’t say… “Oh gee, maybe I’m being TOO picky.”  This search is your fun search.

Step Three: About Location

Trust me on this one.  Set the search radius for your dreamgirl to the entire country.

For starters, because you’re being super picky, you probably won’t see many/any in your home area.  If you do, you are extra lucky!

Second – if the full country search pulls up matches, you can find some great penpals that will share your interests.  If that penpal turns into something more, then lucky you!  (It happened to me!)

Step Four:  Don’t Forget To Save

The most important thing is to save this search so you can go back and use it later.

You can select to have email you if a match to this search comes up.  That’s up to you.

In the next post…

How to take that dreamgirl and whittle her down to something more realistic and local.

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