Finding Your Match on Part 4, Keyword Searches… Worth it?

In Part One of this series, you learned why the three major searches promoted by are in essence pretty useless.  In Part Two, you set up your Dream Girl Search.  In Part Three, we tweaked the Dream Girl to a Realistic Girl.

Another search function that can be useful is the Keyword Search.   These are especially useful if you have a specific interest that you hope to share with your geek girl.

They will only filter by gender, age, location and keyword.  It will be your responsibility to sift through the profiles to be sure the girl who loves your favorite local band is also a non-smoking vegetarian Libertarian.   (Or not!)

Step One:  Click Search, then Keyword

Don’t use the keyword box at the bottom of the page.  Use the little text link at the top.  See it up there next to Custom?

Step Two:  Fill it In!

Here’s the screen you’ll see when you get to the Keyword Search:

Set your gender preference and age range first.

Then, pick your first keyword.  Go with something specific.  You want a girl who is into geology?  MMORPGs? Volunteering?  Cappuccino?  Tolstoy?

Step Three: Location, Location, Location

Consider how far you’d be willing to drive to be with someone you’d be dating.  Remember, you’d want to see this person a lot if things were going well!

Step Four:  Don’t Forget To Save

The most important thing is to save this search so you can go back and use it later.  Remember to save each keyword as a different search.

You can select to have email you if a match to this search comes up.  That’s up to you.

In the next and last post of the series…

“I’ve got all these searches set up, now what do I do?

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