Finding Your Match on Part 5, The Daily Grind

In Part One of this series, you learned why the three major searches promoted by are in essence pretty useless.  In Part Two, you set up your Dream Girl Search.  In Part Three, we tweaked the Dream Girl to a Realistic Girl.  In Part 4, you set up some Keyword Searches to find specific common interests.

Now that you have all these wonderful searches set up, how on earth do you go about using them to check out the possibilities?

Do you need to spend hours online?

How can you see who is new to you?

Using your time wisely is the best way to go, and here’s how:

Step One:  Navigate the Front Page

You log into’s front page.  Of course, there isn’t a handy drop-down menu of your saved searches (anymore).  That was just far too useful and is gone now.  You’ll have to look on the right side for this box:

Click on “Saved searches.”

Step Two:  Hey, This Looks Familiar!

Here are all of your searches you set up!

Click your Dream Girl Search first.

Step Three: How Do You Want to View ‘Em?

You have a couple choices as far as how you’d like to see people.   The drop down menu for choices is on the right.  Gallery View shows just the photos and lets you make snap judgments:

And Details View lets you view the first few lines of the profile and decide if you’d like to read more from there:

Step Four:  Sorting ‘Em Out!

Right underneath the view button is a drop down menu of sorting options:

If you’re starting from scratch: Select “Username” and start at A.   Alternatively, select “Age” and work from youngest in your age range to oldest (or vice versa).  Tell yourself you’ll read through “x” number of pages of profiles per day.   Don’t overdo it; it’s easy to get burned out reading and after a while, they’ll all sound the same.

If you’ve been around for a while: Search by “Newest First”.   This will put the newest profiles at the top so you can keep an eye on who the new folks in town are.  If you check these daily, you can be the first guy to email a new member and maybe her first (and last!) date!

Step Five:  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Go back to step 2 and select another search.

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