Review: Chessex Pound o’Dice

Our Friendly Local Gaming Store was having a 20% off sale this weekend, so I picked up a couple boxes of minis and the Chessex Pound-O-Dice.

I’ve always looked at the Pound-O-Dice and wondered if it would be worth buying.  Seeing as I have a huge new dice bag (thanks to the Gnomes for tipping me off to that one!), I thought it would be the perfect time to pick up some more dice.

In my Pound-O-Dice, I got:

  • 1 complete set (you always get one in the yellow envelope, mine was cream colored with orange speckles – very creamsicle-esque)


  • Sixteen d20s
  • Four d12s
  • Thirty-eight d10s
    Um, yeah, seriously.  This includes 3 blank d10s, a shame because they are such pretty colors.
  • Seven d8s
    including one that looked like someone took a bite out of it.
  • Twenty-one d6s, normal size
    including one blank one
  • One d6, big mini size
  • Twenty-four d6, mini size
  • One d6, super mini size
  • Seven d4s

There are some really pretty ones and some pretty ugly ones.  There are a few with numbers that have worn off.  On the whole though, the dice are functional.

Breaking them up into sets (mismatched sets, but still sets), I get 5 full sets including the guaranteed one.    A set of decent-quality dice runs about $5 (bit more, bit less depending), so five full sets would run you about $25.   The Pound-O-Dice runs anywhere from $15-30.  Considering I got five full sets plus a considerable amount of extras, I’d say the Pound-O-Dice is a pretty good deal.

Now… does anyone want a bunch of extra d10s?  I certainly don’t need 38 of them.

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