Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Players Use the Wet-Erase Markers

I haven’t been doing a campaign log for our Saturday game because we play pretty sporadically.  Some weeks we play for a half hour, some weeks we play all day, some weeks we think about playing but end up watching movies all day instead.

With two ongoing campaign logs (Mielka: Moradin’s Lass and Joelle: He Said, She Said), I don’t exactly have time to be writing another one anyway!

If you can’t tell from the picture, we’re playing Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.  It’s my only 3.5 game and my character is a male dwarf fighter named Phighter.

Either way, the DM (Anubis/Helion) lets us use the wet-erase markers when he’s not needing them.   Here’s what happened:

Being hungry gamers, we tend to make up food names for people and places.  For example, Lysaga Hill is now “Lasagna Hill”.  One of the characters is the Burgomaster.  Here is our barbarian’s rendition of him:

Then there was proof that I am totally not an artist (aided by our DM’s 5 year old):

And finally, back to our barbarian, drawing her pet, also known as the Dire Ferret.  I keep trying to get a picture of the Dire Ferret when it attacks the minis, but the Dire Ferret has speed +10 and is very hard to capture on film:

Got any pictures of funny (and SFW) things from your game mat?  Email them to e @ geeksdreamgirl.com for inclusion on a future post!

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