Mysteries: Why Do The Ladies Ask You To Email Them And Then Not Respond?

I see you, Reader.

I see what you Google to get here.  That’s right, I’ve been watching you while you’ve been Googling.  Tsk Tsk.

It’s okay!  Everyone Googles.

Here’s a search string that made me want to reach out and write a post:  “Why do girls ask you to email them and then not write back?”

I’ll tell you why…

Good Profile Ending

“Email me!” seems like a good way to end a dating profile.  She just didn’t want YOU to email her.  Other people, sure.  Just not you.  Sorry.

Good “Get Off the Hook” Ending of an IM Conversation

Maybe you’ve moved into the IM stages of communication with a potential match.  She pulls the “I gotta go, email me!” card.  Sometimes, she means it.  Sometimes, that’s just what she says to get you off the line so she can ignore you, log off, and then delete your emails.

Less Jaded Reasons

Here are some perfectly valid and non-jaded reasons why she might not be responding to your email:

  • She’s on vacation.
  • Her computer isn’t working.
  • Her internet is down.
  • She doesn’t have a paid subscription.
  • Her subscription ran out and she hasn’t renewed yet.
  • She’s dating someone else but doesn’t want to say no to you just yet.  Silence is more comfortable than explaining that you’re her back burner option and risking offending you.
  • She just doesn’t check her email as often as you do.

Moral of the Story

Don’t wait.   Don’t sit by the computer hitting refresh and hoping something new shows up.   Keep searching, keep emailing other women.  Cast your net wide, meet some new friends, and when the time is right, your geek girl will be there waiting for you.

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