Quick Fix: Does Size Matter?

Does size matter?

What’s better – a short n’sweet profile or a long n’detailed one?

The Internet Generation

The internet generation has a “I Want It All And I Want It Now” mentality.   Want an example?  CNN.com now posts 3-4 line summaries at the top of each article so you don’t have to read the entire thing.

We have short attention spans and as such, your dating profile should say as much as possible in as little space as possible.

What’s Important?

When you’re looking at writing a short n’sweet profile, you have to decide what is important to mention and what should be left out.

A profile should be a snapshot of you.  A snapshot is only going to catch a few major details, but should give a “feel” for who you are.  Remember, once the initial contact is made, then you can fill her in on everything else.

“But My Long Profile Is Hilarious And Everyone Compliments Me On It!”

If you’ve managed to write something long that is working for you – super!

It doesn’t happen often that long profiles can hold a reader’s attention, but if you did it, then kudos to you.  Keep it exactly how it is… at least until it’s time to freshen up.

Need Help?

Unsure of how to cut down your long profile?  Let me help!

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