MSL: Dungeons of Dread Edition, Round Two

Dungeons of Dread

Geek’s Dream Girl presents Minis Seeking Love, the Dungeons of Dread edition. MSL presents the eligible bachelors, bachelorettes, and… things of the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures with personal ads written from the point of view (charisma and intelligence!) of the minis involved.

This group contains Mielka Dawnhammer (Moradin’s Lass), a Red Dragon, an Ettin, and some other fascinating singles!

Before anyone comments: “OMG e!!  How did you get more than one rare in a box?” this post contains a combination of a couple booster packs, leaving out the repeats from the last MSL: Dungeons of Dread post.

Goblin PicadorReelEmIn
Level 2 Goblin Picador
seeking Goblin female, level 1 – 4
in the Borderlands or Civilization

My friends mean a lot to me. I am always with them, so you will have to like them because I don’t go out alone.   We will all go out as a group and if I don’t like you, you’ll know because I’ll suddenly shift away.  If I do like you, look out!  You won’t be able to move more than 5 feet away from me.

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SexyDefiant RakeRapierBoy
Level 5 Defiant Rake
seeking human or elf male, Level 10-30
in Civilization or the Underdark

Are you my Daddy?  I’m a rogue with a rapier and I know how to use it, if you know what I mean.   My last boyfriend dumped me because I was an undiagnosed kleptomaniac and stole his gold while he slept.  I’m on medication now, so you don’t need to worry!  I’m always out dancing at The Crossed Swords, but lately, I’ve just had to keep dodging all these young things who don’t know what they want in a relationship.  I want you, Daddy.  You know you want this sassy boy – email me soon.

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Young Red DragonBigRed
Level 7 Young Red Dragon
seeking dragon females, all levels
in the Borderlands

I love blondes!  I’m sorry to all the red, green, blue, black, and other colored dragons out there, but I have always been a sucker for a blonde.  Gold dragons – email me ASAP!  Nothing gets me fired up more than a hot blonde.   Blondes make me jump for joy.  Let’s fly across the country together and mate to see whether we end up with creamsicle-colored babies.  I think they’d be totally awesome!

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ILoveHeadBugbear Headreaver
Level 7 Bugbear Headreaver
seeking bugbear females, level 7-9
in Civilization or the Borderlands

I was excited when I was chosen to be a headreaver.   It is the most evil and satisfying job.  First I sneak up to the camp, then I choose my target, then I chop off his head!  I love heads!  I hold them by the hair and watch the eyes blink.  I show them their twitching body on the ground.  So fun.  I spend all day taking head.  Guess what I spend all night doing?  Email me if you are interested.

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Everfrost RangerTundraSlasher
Level 9 Everfrost Ranger
seeking human females, level 5-12
in the Borderlands or the Wild

Rumor has it that Everfrost rangers are as unforgiving and hard as the tundra from which we hail.   I’d like to say that is a stereotype and I am not like the other Everfrost rangers.   Yes, I can endure days and nights out in the cold without food or water, but I’d much rather be home by the hearth with you.   If I don’t answer your call right away, I might be whirling around trying to get everything done.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  Before you know it, I’ll shift over to your side and put my big arms around you.

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Level 10 Ettin Jack-of-Irons
seeking humanoid females, any level
in the Borderlands or the Wild

They say two heads are better than one, but it really makes it hard to find true love.   I want a blonde, he wants a brunette.  For some reason, we can’t get two women at the same time.  Two heads = two different guys.   It’s not like we can go on separate dates or anything.  Ideally we’d find an Ettin woman, but they’re pretty hard to find, so if you’re fraternal twins (one blonde, one brunette) and you like big burly guys, you’ll do just fine.

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Drow Wand MageBamf Into Your Heart
Level 11 Drow Wand Mage
seeking drow females, any level
in the Underdark

Seeking my Dark Princess, my black, black, black, black Queen of my Heart.  I’m a master of the arcane – I can blast through the hurt that your last boyfriend did and teleport my way into your heart.  I’ll rub your feet, braid your snow white silky hair, read you bedtime stories, father your beautiful children.  I’m ready to serve you, my Special Lady.

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Sparklez!Dwarf Shieldmaiden
Level 12 Dwarf Shieldmaiden
seeking dwarf males, level 10-14
in Civilization or the Borderlands

Ok, I’m lying about my age.  I’m really only about to be level 3, but I’ve always loved older men and wanted to show up in your search results.  I promise that’s the only lie I’ll tell you – okay?  Everything else is 100% truth, so help me Moradin.  My name is Mielka and I’m a cleric.  Yep, I look kinda like a fighter, but that’s only because I’m paranoid about being smacked around, so I prefer to have lots of armor on.  I’m looking for a man who loves Moradin and wants to come on fun adventures with me and my friends – Helion the ranger, Errich the rogue, and Drash the fighter.  Oh, and Fin.  He’s a swordmage.  Don’t get too close to him.

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Star Wars Miniatures MSL are coming…

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