Moradin’s Lass: Where’d The Slaves Go?

With our burly town guard reinforcements in tow, we go back to the monastery to try to rescue more of the prisoners.   We leave five outside and take five inside with us, leaving them at the entrance to the lower level where we found the slave pens.

While searching the area we find a gold and ruby ring and a silver holy symbol.   I turn it over in my hands.  It looks like a good one, not evil or anything.  At least it doesn’t feel evil.  Not that I’ve really touched evil things to compare.  Either way.  Doesn’t feel evil.

We go back to the shiny silver door and I touch the shiny runes and say the fancy words.   The door opens silently.  Pretty impressive seeing as it’s so big.  But yeah, magical doors are quiet.  When I get to settle down and have my own place, I’m gonna hire whoever makes magical doors so everything in my house is nice and quiet.  Then when my husband wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, the sound of the door won’t wake me and I can sleep right through it.   NOTE TO SELF:  MAGICAL DOORS A MUST.

We go down the stairs and it’s kinda dark.  Helion whips out his burning sword, holds it to his crotch and makes a lewd comment.  Ew, seriously.  Boys.   Drash goes down first to peek into the room and sees creatures huddled in the corners.  Fin throws a sunrod into the room and runs in after it.

There are six orcs – two big ones and four little ones.  We fight them, but my sparkles are missing left and right.  (And forward, and backwards.)  Thank Moradin I have my boys to protect me!  Fin keeps getting into trouble and bleeding everywhere.   I heal him again, since it’s about the only way I have been useful today.

The big orcs are pretty hard to kill.  They keep coming back for more no matter how much the boys pound on them.   After his heal, Fin trades places with Errich who is pretty bloody.  I heal him quickly.   With a sickening crunch, Drash takes out the orc in the corner.   Errich runs back into battle and kills the second one.

We head back towards the slave pens to see if any people are left.    The room before the pens is empty and the slave pens are also empty.  Darn.  It’s not too big of a surprise, I mean, we kinda stole part of their slave group last time, they’ve probably hidden the rest somewhere different.  Or killed them.  Oh boy, I really hope they didn’t kill them.

We go further down the hall and find more empty rooms.  They smell like orcs, but otherwise, nobody home.   There are some cots.  Further along, we find a storage room with a large trunk in the center.  Inside the trunk is a bunch of human gear – clothes, weapons, trinkets, etc.  We realize that it’s probably the personal stuff of the slaves.   We carry the trunk back up to our guard men and grab some other supplies, including a couple ladders that may come in useful for making bridges or climbing up things.

Further along, we come to a big room at the end of a long hallway.  There’s an archery target on the wall and a longboy propped against the wall near it.  There’s a bed, a table, and a bearskin rug.  (Poor bear.)  Helion points out that it’s awfully nice for an orc.  Too nice.  Fin takes the longbow and scrounges up some arrows for it.

On the far side of the room is a door.  Errich leans up to listen.  We open and hear dogs barking.  Big angry dogs.  We close it.  I argue that maybe the dogs are guarding the slaves.  I open the door again and we hear more barking.  We go down a staircase that leads to a room that reeks of dog poo.  Ew.  The southern half of the room has three pens with giant greenish-gray furry dogs.   Helion recognizes them as troll hounds and remembers Quintus wants troll hound muscle tissue.

He kills the dogs and cuts up the bodies.   He tosses the chunks of dog muscle into his bag.

“Dude,” Fin says, “You put that in with your FOOD?”

Ew.  I don’t know why everything has to be so bloody.   What have I gotten myself into, Moradin?

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