Why You Should Give D&D Tiny Adventures A Second Chance

I was pretty excited when Tiny Adventures first came out.  Yay!  A D&D app for Facebook.  But then it crashed.  And crashed.  And crashed.  And crashed.  And died.  Came back.  Crashed.  Crashed.  Crashed.

It was frustrating.

Lots of my friends uninstalled the application at that point, grumbling that WotC had again failed at making something technological.

I’m here to say that Tiny Adventures is better now!  It’s not crashing (at least any more than Facebook apps normally crash) and they’ve added some neat features.   Here’s a peek at some of the changes:

Auto-Drink Potions

How annoying was it when you had to actually check up on your character to drink a potion?   I mean, seriously, I don’t stalk Facebook all day.   Sometimes I’d manage to log in and catch myself about to die and drink the potion in time.  90% of the time, I’d die with a healing potion in hand.

If you think about it, what character WOULDN’T drink a healing potion if she were about to die?  You’d think it would be instinctual.

Now you can check off a box that says “Drink when hit points fall below x” for each healing potion.   For stat boosting potions that last x number of encounters, you can check off that you drink it before the last x number of encounters.  Pretty smart.

Shopping Is Better & Faster

The store is now divided up into three sections:

  1. Limited-Time Offers – the kind that randomly change after each encounter.
  2. Personal Offers – these items stay in the store until you purchase or reject the offer.  They tend to be bigger ticket items.   What’s nice is if something pops up that you want but can’t afford, at least you know it will stay there until you have the gold.
  3. Your Inventory - minus the equipment you are wearing/using.

The Buy/Sell buttons no longer refresh the page, making shopping a lot quicker.  For a while there was a “Sell all red items” button, but they took it out.  I’m hoping it makes a comeback because it certainly made things easier coming back with a giant load of stuff I couldn’t use.

One beef – the shop will give you personal offers that you can’t use.   Not so personal, is it?  Also, it’s silly to show you weapons of +1 ATK when you’re wielding one of +10…

Gender Equity

There are now female and male options for every race when you start a new character.   Hooray!

Drow and SwordMage?

There’s also the option to play a drow now, which I know excites all the Drizzt fanboys.

Once you’ve retired 5 heros, the SwordMage class is unlocked.  I’m only on my second generation hero.  This will take awhile.

IronMan and Elite Leaderboards

The Leaderboards now have categories for IronMan (5+ retired heros) and Elite (? – nobody on that board yet, but I’d assume 10 or more retirees?).  It will be interesting to see how long it takes for people to populate both of those.  I’m in no rush.

Chill Out, It’s Just a Facebook App

For those folks who freak out about the program not being realistic, not being like real D&D, not having enough choices, not having party members, etc etc… take a chill pill.  It’s a fun little app.  It’s not serious gaming.   It’s just something fun to check in on when you’re avoiding work.  The good news is that it’s running way better than it was when it first launched.   If your main gripe was with the crashing, I’d install it again and give it a second whirl.

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