Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Sid (DURING)

Sid is the winner of the Geek’s Dream Girl Personal Ad Makeover Contest for September.   In the last post, you saw his original profile, which is currently on

Let’s take this bad boy apart and see what we can see…

About Me

Where to begin. I’m inquisitive, adventurous, and occasionally boring.

BORING?  You’re starting a profile by admitting you’re occasionally boring?!?!  Honey, we’re all occasionally boring.  Even the people who “grace” the covers of every tabloid in the world have boring moments when they just nap on their couch.

Always seeking new things to learn and try.

This is a good sentiment nestled in the middle of some big red flags.

Currently pretending I’m a motorcycle mechanic and a telephone repairman.

We’ve all had jobs that aren’t exactly what we want for our career.  However, the use of the word “pretending” implies a lack of self-esteem.   It implies that all you could manage was to pretend to do a job rather than having the actual skills to do one.  I’m hoping that’s not what you meant!

Looking for a woman that is smart, adventurous, and humorous.

Aren’t we all?

Someone who can get me to try new things and is willing to try some of my own ideas.

Someone who can “get you” to try new things?  Are you saying that you’re normally not one to try new things and we’ll have to drag you kicking and screaming?

Think of the intro to Cake’s “Short Skirt, Long Jacket.” Ok, on second thought the whole song puts it into words better than I am able to.

It’s a great song, but in order to catch the interest of a girl who maybe isn’t familiar with the song, you’re going to have to incorporate some of the lyrics.

for fun:

Games, movies, music, reading, and sleeping are some of the things I do for fun.

I’ll admit it – sometimes my favorite down-time activity is taking a nice nap with my cats.  However, I’m not going to write that into my dating profile.

RPG’s, Video, board, and anything else that seems fun. Scifi & Fantasy, Action, Horror, and Thrillers. Rock most definitely in all its many forms.

Ah, the omnipresent laundry list.   We’ll clean this up and sprinkle your interests in the profile instead of making a giant list of boredom.

my education:

I’m actually looking to go back and finish, well start over really.

Email me about this, Sid.  (Or comment below if you’d rather.)   What was your original college experience?  Did you get a degree? Drop out?  Are you going back for a different major?

last read:

Sea of Death, a fantasy novel set in Eberron. It was the last book in the series. It’s really hard to keep up with this, as I read between 1-3 books a week usually.

If the section is hard to keep up with, drop it.  Put a reference in your main profile about your love of reading and leave this part blank.

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