Deadly Sins of Online Dating Profile Pictures: Disembodied Arm, Blurred Out Girl, Blacked Out Friends.

Everyone is guilty of at least one of these major profile picture sins.  I will admit to having done a few of these in my online dating history.

The photos you will see in this series are actual photos of members.  I tracked all of them down (and more) in less than 20 minutes of profile surfing.  That should give you an idea of how common these Deadly Sins crop up.

Fess up in the comments if you’ve done – or worse yet, ARE DOING – one of these Deadly Sins of Profile Pictures.

Click any picture to see the full-size version in all of it’s… glory?

The First Deadly Sin: The Disembodied Arm

This is an attempt to turn a good picture of you and your ex into a good picture of just you.  Unfortunately, we can tell that’s a girl’s arm.  We can totally tell it’s a girl’s arm.  Since you’ve cropped her out of the picture, we’re going to assume it’s your ex.

Solution:  If you’re going to crop a picture of you and your ex, crop extra close and just keep your face.

The Second Deadly Sin: Blurred Out Girl

Those who think through the Disembodied Arm Logic but fail to roll a high enough Intelligence check end up taking their pictures into Photoshop and blurring out the offensive woman.  This of course, makes you look even stupider than having a disembodied arm on your shoulder.  The same goes for blurring or blacking out the faces of your friends.

The Third Deadly Sin: Blacking/Whiting Out Your Ex or Friends

This looks even stupider than the blurred out friend.  It’s one thing to fuzz a face for privacy, but it’s a whole other thing to click the Eraser tool and scratch them out, leaving giant misshapen holes.

Solution:  Again, crop to just your face or… *gasp!* find another photo.

Coming Soon…

More Deadly Sins of Online Dating Profile Pictures, including The “Ladies Man” Photo, The Drunk Photo, and more!

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