Deadly Sins of Online Dating Profile Pictures: Ladies Man, Drunk Man, Lewd/Rude/Crude Man!

In the last post in this series, you saw the first set of Deadly Sins for your Online Dating Profile Picture.

We saw Disembodied Arm, Blurred Out Girl, and Blacked Out Friend!

Let’s look at some more sins for your photos… Ladies Man, Drunk Man, and Lewd Man!

The Fourth Deadly Sin: The “Ladies Man” Photo

I’m sorry, guys, but a photo of you surrounded by women, being snuggled by a woman, or with your arm around a Hooters girl does not endear you to us.  We want to see pictures of you and besides, do your gal pals know that their photo is up on your dating profile?  Consider the privacy of your friends before you post group shots.

Solution:  Solo pictures are best.

The Fifth Deadly Sin:  Drunk Man

We all enjoy alcoholic beverages from time to time.  Sometimes we enjoy them while we’re on a date.  It amazes me how many men post pictures of themselves partying hard.  (Ironically, some of those same people say they’re into partying.  Really?)

Side Note for Ladies:  The “pucker face” that girls like to do when drunk?  You look like a fish.  A drunk fish.

Solution:  Be sure your photos line up with your lifestyle.  Crop if necessary to show your face and not your beer.

The Sixth Deadly Sin:  Lewd/Rude/Crude Man

I found some fascinating pictures in my romp around   I’ll let these speak for themselves:

“Hi, this is a picture me in bed.  I hope to see you here soon!”

“Hi, I’m smoking outside a McDonalds.  I’m a picture of perfect health.”

“Hi, I’m molesting a statue of a chef.”

Solution:  Think first about what message you’re sending with your picture.

Coming Soon…

More Deadly Sins of Online Dating Profile Pictures, including The Shirtless Guy, and the Art of the Self-Portrait.

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