Deadly Sins of Online Dating Profile Pictures: The Shirtless Guy and The Art of the Self-Portrait

In the first post in this series, you saw the first set of Deadly Sins for your Online Dating Profile Picture.  We saw Disembodied Arm, Blurred Out Girl, and Blacked Out Friend!  Next, we saw Ladies Man, Drunk Man, and Lewd/Rude/Crude Man.

What’s up for this round?

Shirtless (and possibly flexing) Guy and the Art of the Self-Portrait, bathroom style and webcam style.

Let’s look at some more sins for your photos…

The Seventh Deadly Sin: Shirtless (and Flexing?) Man

You’re proud of your rippling pecs.  Maybe there was that picture of you at the beach that came out really well.  Either way, we’d rather not see it, at least not in your profile.  You can share pictures of your bodybuilding hobby once we get to know you a little better.

To be fair – you can have a shirtless picture and still get a girl.  My GeekBoy had a picture of himself on a beach.  Red hair, blinding white skin.  After I rolled to save from Blindness, it was love!

Solution:  9 times out of 10, we laugh at shirtless pictures.  Think carefully before you include one.

The Eighth Deadly Sin:  Horrible Self-Portraits and Self-Photoshopping

The idea of asking your friends to snap some pictures for your online dating profile makes you shiver with fear.   So you think, “I’ll just take my own pictures!”   Here’s what happens.

The Bathroom Mirror Picture

The Awkward Angle Picture

Side Note for Ladies:  Guys know that it’s no accident when your cleavage is hanging out.  If you’re cool with getting some “inappropriate” emails as a result, let the girls air out.  If you’d rather find a “nice guy”, keep ‘em wrapped up for a bit.

Bad Lighting & Bad Photoshopping

The Webcam Portrait

Poor lighting, horrible color, no contrast.  This is you in your best light?  I think not.

Solution:  Get photos taken in good lighting by someone other than yourself!

Coming Soon…

The last of the Deadly Sins series… the Not-So-Deadly Sins.

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