Moradin’s Lass: A Never-Ending Stream of Orcs

Drash is gone.  I’d tell you where he went and why he left, but we don’t know.   He gave us no warning and left us no clues.  It’s kinda rude, honestly.  What’s up with that? I thought he liked us, but I guess not.  Here’s to hoping we can find ourselves another big boy soon.  The rest of us bleed kinda easy, y’know?

Oh well, Moradin will provide!

I don’t know why, but thinking about Moradin providing reminds me of a song I learned from the priests when I was a young girl:

Moradin loves me this I know…

It is He who forged my soul…

Little dwarves to Him belong….

We are weak but he is strong.

Moradin loves me!!

Moradin loves me!!

Moradin loves me!  It’s He who forged my soul!

Anyway, from the storeroom, we hear orcish voices in the hallway.  We listen through the door to see if we can tell how close they are.  I can hear them to the left.  They seem like they’re in a hurry like they’re ready to attack our guard friends in the next room.  Errich opens the door and Helion peeks around the door to look for the orcs.  He steps out and draws his bow silently.  Through the open door, I see orcs run up behind Helion and swing at him. Helion looks into the room and says, “Need help out here!

Errich and Fin run out next.   Of course, Errich ends up bleeding, courtesy of a big orc with a greataxe.  I heal him up nice.  Moradin knows I haven’t been useful for sparkling lately.   Healing at least I know I can do right.  Pesky sparkles.

I use my Beacon of Hope and Moradin’s blessing rains on my friends.  Of course, it wasn’t quite sparkly enough to kill the orcs, but oh well.  Helion is hit by one and then sinks an arrow into it.

Helion rejoices.  “He hit me a little, but I hit him for dead! Ha!

The big orc yells something and runs towards Fin with his axe.  Thank Moradin that he misses, because that would have been nasty.

I try to hit him with my frosty hammer and miss.  Helion hits him with two arrows, causing him to rage.   His wounds are closing.  What the heck?  The orc hits Fin hard with the axe and he starts to gush blood everywhere.  His second hit causes his axe to get stuck in the wall.   He drops the axe and slides to the other side of the hallway, pulling out a dagger.

I heal Fin and sparkle the heck out of the big orc.   It’s the bestest sparkle I’ve done in a LONG time.  Yay!   I do a little sparkle dance.    Just then I see a bunch of little orcs run towards Errich and start smacking him. Thankfully Fin kills the big orc just as he’s about to stab Errich.   Of course, there are still like a billion little orcs.

Errich kills one and slides back into the room with me.    Fin and Errich are still looking pretty gross and bloody, despite my healing.   I sparkle one orc and he falls down.  Helion takes down the last one.   We look around for more, but it appears that we got them all.  We search the bodies but don’t find anything useful. We post guards at the doors, wedging them shut as best we can.   We chill out with the rest of the guards, taking turns to stay on watch while the others rest.

We wake up to the sound of something crashing against the door repeatedly.  Of course, I have no time to put on my armor, which is kind of embarrassing.  The door begins to break.  Fin runs up to the door with his flaming cyclone.  There’s some screaming from behind the door and the sound of bodies falling.  Fin slides back out of the way.  After a short pause, the ram begins to hit the door again.   It doesn’t sound as loud.

The door breaks open and the orcs rush in.  They look pretty angry.   “More coming! Worse things to come!” Helion shouts.  Grrreat.  Super duper.  Fin lets loose a lightning bolt and I hear a yelp and see a trollhound being pulled towards him.

A ball of force flies out of the doorway and knocks Errich over and kills one of our guards.  Errich is losing consciousness and bleeding everywhere.    I run over to heal him.

Errich shouts at Fin, “Do your flaming groin blade!” What? Must the the lack of blood talking.  I’m avoiding looking at his wounds.  Whatever it was, Fin kills the dog.  I see a creature step out of the hallway and point at Fin.  Fin looks terrified… what’s going on?

The gnome runs over to Errich and hits him, knocking him unconscious. I run behind Errich and activate my magical shield to protect us.   He’s looking pretty nasty and the gnome is looking pretty angry at me, but it’s not like I could just let Errich die.   He’s our cool trapfinding guy.  Moradin certainly loves people who are crafty and useful like him.

Fin pulls the gnome to him and hits him, but the gnome disappears.  The orc points at me and all the sudden, I’m paranoid.   Everything’s so big and scary.  Moradin help me!  The good thing is that it runs away. Of course, what is he going to come back with?  That’s pretty scary.  Everything is pretty scary… what’s wrong with me?

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