The Not-So-Deadly Sins: Subliminal Messages Your Photo Sends

In the first post in this series, you saw the first set of Deadly Sins for your Online Dating Profile Picture.  We saw Disembodied Arm, Blurred Out Girl, and Blacked Out Friend!  Next, we saw Ladies Man, Drunk Man, and Lewd/Rude/Crude Man.  The last post of Deadly Sins included Topless Men and The Self-Portrait.

What’s up for this round?

The Not-So-Deadly Sins.   Let’s look at some photos…

Not-So-Deadly Sin: Crossed Arms

It’s a convenient way to hold your arms.  However, the signal you are giving off with your crossed arms is that you are closed off and not open to new ideas.  Yes, even if you’re smiling.

Solution:  Open up!  We want to think you’ll hug us someday with those arms.

Not So Deadly Sin:  Hands In Pockets

Another body language thing.  Like the crossed arms, it’s read as defensiveness.  Do all girls know this as fact? No.  But if all your pictures have your hands in your pockets, she might get a vibe that she just doesn’t like you.

Solution: Pull the hands out.  Let’s see ‘em!

Not-So-Deadly Sin: Your Children

This dad put a picture of him with his kids.  Now, normally you’d think, “Awww, how sweet. Single dad!”  The problem is that he’s putting a picture of his children on a site geared for adults.  Any adult can look through these profiles.  Not only did this Dad not blur his kids’ faces (I did!), but his son’s hoodie has the name of his high school football team.  How easy would it be for a kidnapper or pedophile to find these kids should he find one of them attractive?

Solution:  Share the pictures of you with your kids after you’ve established contact with someone.


There are a lot of bad online dating photos out there.  The ladies are just as guilty!  If you want to stand out from the crowd, but sure that your pictures are clear and taken to show you in your best light.

No more sinning!  Make your profile shine with cleanliness!

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