Non-randomized D&D miniatures – is it about time?

I saw it at Critical Hits first!  Those guys are just so on top of the news!

According to the Wizards of the Coast news release on 10/21, Demonweb will be the last set of D&D miniatures to be in the totally randomized boxes.

Here’s what you can expect…

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures — Player’s Handbook Heroes

I am totally excited about the D&D Heroes sets, due out in Spring 2009.  18 figures that will be all PC/NPC characters?  YES!!  A third of them are guaranteed to be female?  YES!!!!!  Thank you WotC for finally giving me some more choices when it comes to picking minis for my PCs.

(Please try not to make them all big breasted, scantily clad bimbos.  Please.  I’m begging you.)

Since all three minis will be visible, the price point will be higher than a normal box of randomized minis.  An MSRP of $10.99 is a tad on the steep side, but at least you know exactly what you’re getting.  How many of us have bought a box of minis for $14.99 and ended up with all repeats of a box you bought before?    *e raises her hand* With the D&D Heroes sets, you pay for the predictability.

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures — Monster Manual

I wish WotC had revealed a bit more about the Monster Manual sets.   “These sets are designed to be what every Dungeon Master (or D&D enthusiast) needs to create riveting adventures and exciting encounters at all levels of play.  Releasing in Spring 2009, the first D&D Monsters set is called Monster Manual: Dangerous Delves.

That’s super, but could you be more vague?  Will they be broken up by monster class (goblinoids, orcs, undead, animals, vermin), by relative level (easy monsters, mid-grade monsters, chew up your arse and spit you out monsters), or just randomly?

These sets will be semi-randomized with five minis per box.   One figure will be visible and out of the other four you will get one rare, one uncommon, and two common.  The $14.99 MSRP is the same as previous booster sets, but with fewer figures.  You’re paying for the one visible figure.  (Can anybody tell if the one visible figure will be rare/uncommon?)

What I Think

Hooray for female PC/NPC minis being at least 1/3 of the Heroes set!

We were discussing randomized minis at my Friendly Local Game Shop just this past week.  You get more minis for your money if you go with 100% randomized boxes.  However, you get zero control over which minis you receive.  Even an expert box shaker is never totally accurate in their guesses.

If you want to know what you’re getting before buying it, you’re going to end up with a higher price point.  Apparently this is some “law” of the miniatures industry?  (I dunno, you tell me.)

Either way, I’m more than happy to pay a bit extra to get some quality girl PCs!  I’m also curious to see how exactly the Monster Manual sets will be organized because if they are organized by monster type, I can see it as a great opportunity for DMs to stock up on the breed of monsters they need most for their campaigns.

What do YOU Think?

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