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Link: D&D Minis Changes Explained

For all of your lazy people, here are the short and sweet factoids that you want to know.  Quotes are from the WotC article:

  • In effect, each booster contains two rare-quality figures (the visible Large figure and the randomized rare figure)
  • In general, we’re providing nearly a 50% increase in paint steps per figure, which makes even the common and uncommon figures in the set look better, adding more vibrancy and detail.
  • With the Player’s Handbook Heroes Series One figures, we’re providing miniatures of rare or better quality in visible, fixed packaging.
  • November’s release of Demonweb will be the last new set that includes skirmish statistics.
  • In addition, official sanctioning of D&D Miniatures skirmish events will cease right after D&D Experience in February.
  • As for Huges, yes we have a set planned for the Summer of 2009. The Huges in that set will be the visible minis, including a Hive Mother Beholder and some Dragons.
  • The power cards in the packs will match to the minis in the pack so the distribution is not random. These brand-new character class powers will be added to the D&D Compendium and D&D Character Builder databases on D&D Insider. Eventually, they may see inclusion in a D&D game book.

Hooray for answers for some of the burning questions!

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