The Virgin DM Monologues: Prepping for Game #2

Who would have thought that Hybban getting pneumonia would mean I’d get to run my game sooner rather than later?   Go figure.  Hyb’s feeling better thanks to drugs, but had to cancel running a session of Living Forgotten Realms.  (The proprietor of our Friendly Local Gaming Store smokes in the store and having a lung-related ailment, Hyb’ had to avoid the atmosphere there.)

Either way, I found out on Thursday that I’d be running my game on Saturday.   Luckily, I had over-prepped for the first game, so I just had to do a quick once-over of my notes to be prepared for the game.

(Note:  The “prep” posts are edited after the session to remove any clues/secrets the PCs missed. Please don’t post spoilers about the module unless you want your IP perma-blocked.)

  • The Ruined Tower – PCs enter the tower and will either mess with the statues or not.  If they do, they may find that pressing the sigil on one will open the secret door.
  • Secret Room – Only big enough to fit 1 PC, which is good because the door closes by itself after 5 minutes and the last guy got stuck in there and died.  If they search the dead dwarf, they find a note with a clue about how to avoid a trap in another area.  The coffer in the room is locked, and contains three small pouches of sparkly iron filings that will attach to any metal surface brought within 5 inches of them.
  • The Non-Jumping-The-River Way – PCs climb up the ravine by the river.  If they notice the steps, they can climb up into the caves where they’ll meet some zombie ogres.  If not, they will continue along the ravine until they get to Area 1-4, where they fight two evil dwarves and a (live) ogre.
  • The Jumping Way – Hopefully nobody fails the Athletics check to run-jump over the gap to the other side.  If they do, they fall into the river, get swept into the lake, and have to swim back to the shore and come back through the main gates again.  Once they’re all in the same place, they walk along the river until they get to Area 1-5, where they can choose to try to walk on the wet stones behind the waterfall or go back the way they came, jump back across and climb up the ravine path.
  • The Floodgate Trap – Area 1-6 is a long hallway with perfectly smoothed stone walls.   Once two PCs walk into it, the dwarves hiding in 1-6A let loose the trap, which closes off the exits and floods the hallway with water, sweeping anyone caught in it down the hallway, through a hole and into an underground lake below.
  • Dwarves – The dwarven guards will charge into the hall after a while to take down any remaining intruders.
  • Great Stairs – Area 1-8 is the great stairs area.  At the foot of the stairs is a small group of orcs, roasting some dinner around a fire.  Hidden in the wall next to the stairs is a loose stone, behind which is a poison vial (which they have to catch as it falls to avoid getting poisoned) and a bag with a modest amount of money that the orcs stashed there.

Will my PCs be buttmunches again or will they behave themselves?  Will I be scrambling to find answers to questions?  Will I be able to draw maps that don’t cause Babs the OCD Barbarian to freak out about straight lines?  Stay tuned, Reader!

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