Personal Ad Makeover Contest: Sid (AFTER)

Thank you, Sid (and my Readers!) for being patient with me on this one.  I’ve been pretty busy with work this month (still in the Adjustment Phase for new job & new city) and I wasn’t going to throw an ad together for Sid in the state I found myself in most evenings and weekends.

So here we go…  Sid’s new personal ad – complete!

For those who need a refresher, here’s his old ad.

(Just in time for the October contest!  Ha!)

Headline:  When justice shines, what color is it?

You don’t have to have a short skirt and a long jacket.  (But if you get the reference, you and I will get along really well!)  When I’m not using a machete to cut through red tape, I get my hands dirty fixing motorcycles.  I’ve always been inquisitive and love taking things apart and making them work better.  If I can find an adventure to occupy my free time, great!  If not, I find an adventure in a good story.  I’ve been known to devour up to three books a week!

I’m looking for a bright and adventurous girl who can forgive me for the biggest mistake of my life – dropping out of college.  Going back to school to get my degree is high on my priority list.  Having a friend to firmly kick my behind and remind me of this is key!   In the meantime, it’s almost Halloween – time for horror movies galore!  What’s your favorite scary flick?

The October Contest

Entries for the October Personal Ad Makeover Contest are open until 11:59 pm EST on Halloween.  Click here for more information on entering.

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