Finding Sid’s Geek Girl

I feel pretty bad about making Sid wait so long for his profile.   So I went through and did a search for him and found some nice girls that I think he should definitely get in touch with (if he hasn’t already).

To protect Sid’s privacy, I will not reveal his location.   Let’s just say he lives in the southeast quadrant of the United States.

For those geographically challenged, a map is provided.  (I’m so good to you!)

Sid’s looking for a girl between 25-35 who lives within 200 miles of his ZIP code.  I’m going to start local (30 mile radius) and if need be, branch out from there.

Geekette #1

She loves to read, write, and watch documentaries (at least when she’s not watching Family Guy or The Office).  She admits to having a smartass side – but only in jest!   My favorite line – “I’m a southern girl with a southern accent, but rest assured that I have all of my teeth, I’m educated, and I don’t go to family reunions looking for a date.

Email Starter: Ask her what her favorite Family Guy quote is… and share yours (if you’re a fan!).

Geekette #2

She plays board games and admits it as a hobby – we all know that’s just a gateway drug to RPGs!   She also loves sci-fi TV shows and all sorts of movies – so she and Sid would have plenty of small talk topics.

Email Starter: What’s her favorite board game?  Do you have any crazy board game stories about grandma throwing the monopoly money across the table in a fit of rage after having to pay rent for your 8 hotels on Boardwalk?

Geekette #3

I love this girl!  Smart is sexy, she says.  (So true!)  She belongs to a book club, loves the outdoors, has cooking adventures making dishes with names she can’t pronounce.  She’s entertaining the idea of going back to get her Masters, which is a perfect conversation starter, since Sid would like to go back to school too.  I REALLY like this girl.

Email Starter: Tell her about your favorite dish with a foreign, unpronounceable name.

…Sid’s town is a bit away from the nearest big city… so I’m extending the search to 60 miles out from his ZIP.

Geekette #4

Are you laid back and ready to giggle?  Her profile is a breath of fresh air.   This girl embraces her inner nerd, plays board games, and wins belching contests.  Totally cool.  Did I mention she’s working on her PhD?  Sid already has bonus points with her because he reads books for fun!

Email Starter: If you have a belching story, this is the girl to share it with!  Definitely mention you’re a bookworm, she’ll appreciate that!

Geekette #5

This girl says the goofier the guy, the better.  Make her laugh and she’s yours.  She’s a “word nerd” and loves reading biographies and historical fiction.   This is not her default picture – but I like it better than the default one, which is much more official (maybe a work photo?).  I can guarantee you this is the kind of girl that guys either a) send stupid messages to (aka: “U R hot!”) or b) don’t message because “she’s too perfect, she’d never go for me.

Email Starter: Send her an email that makes her laugh and shows your smarts!

Geekette #6

She’s in the middle of three books, wants an excuse to go back to college, and loves nerdy/geeky humor.  She can teach you how to roller skate!  She owns her own business and can think of nothing better than spending an evening with you on the couch discussing books or movies.  Sounds dreamy!

Email Starter: Ask her why she chooses to roller SKATE when the trend now is to roller BLADE.  Is it a retro thing or a balance thing?  (I actually had a really hard time rollerblading because my ankles are weak! They got better the more I practiced, but I was pretty pathetic the first few times on blades.)

So Sid…

Email me if any of these ladies interest you and I will pass on their usernames so you can see their profiles and more pictures!

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