Thanks, AvatarArt! Mielka is Perfect!

Who is your favorite chubby redheaded valley girl dwarf? Mielka! I finally decided that it was about time for Mielka to have her portrait done, so I went to the experts at They did such great work on all the Expy pictures for Yax over at DungeonMastering!

Turns out, I got $5 off for mentioning that! Woot!

I gave them the description of Mielka and in a little bit, they sent me an initial sketch and asked for feedback. She needed to be a little fatter. She also had an expression on her face that was a little more mean than confused. I wrote back with my feedback and they came back with a second sketch that was much better! She has the perfect “I really dunno if I should be here…” expression.

Then came the final shaded penciled version for my approval – woot! Still looking good. After that, they colored her in and sent her my way…

…and here she is!

Want your very own character portrait? Prices at AvatarArt start as low as $25. Go now, and tell ‘em Geek’s Dream Girl sent you to get $5 off!

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