Personal Ad Makeover: “Fox” (BEFORE)

I threw some of the old entrants into this month’s contest.   This month’s winner goes by the nickname Fox.  He’s a 35 year old Texan looking for a girl with an open mind and open heart.  His profile has lots of great ideas in it, but they’re just thrown into a heap.

Let’s check out his current profile:

Headline: Jack Seeking Sally

Don’t know if anyone is any good at writing these as they’re usually more than what’s written here. Anyway here’s more on me: humorous, tattooed artist with a love of a variety of art/ghost stories/horror genre fiction/history/cooking, Hockey, punk/grunge/rock music, movies, video games, pool & more. And yes the headline is using character names from a very good movie & not my actual name. You: (some or all should apply) Funny, true to herself, share some common interests but not all, forthright sometimes, beautiful hair, addictive laugh, inquisitive eyes, open minded, laid back at times, emotionally courageous & an open heart.

for fun:

Fun for me involves trying new/good food, films & film festivals, comedy clubs, rock concerts, pool halls, carnivals, museums, hockey games, video games & really just doing anything fun.

my job:

Graphic designer/photographer for retail supplier in the DFW area.

my ethnicity:

Typical American mixed background involving family from Sweeden/Denmark & the British Isles (UK & Scot). Taking after my dad’s side (the British/Scottish side) more than anything.

my education:

In school part time now for 2nd degree in Game Art & Design.

favorite hot spots:

Currently there’s Deep Ellum, the DMA, West End, lower greenville, Palace of Wax, the FW Zoo and much more. Outside of DFW there’s my adopted homeland of Louisiana/New Orleans. Wanting to get to see more of Scotland/UK.

favorite things:

Listening to the greats in rockabilly/grunge music, strolling through summer storms & autumn leaves, traveling, watching a select few shows on the tv, lots of movies & so much more.

last read:

Plenty of Edgar Allan Poe & H.P. Lovecraft, Wierd New England, Haunting of Louisiana, & all the other fiction, nonfiction books are still being worked on. I read quite a bit so I’m not going to update this silly thing every time.

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