Moradin’s Lass: Famouser and Famouser!

After huddling in the corner like a scaredy-cat for a while, the sense of fear wears off and I’m able to get my armor back on.  Just as I’m pulling on my boots, the hallway goes black like POOF!  Like somebody turned all the lights out and there’s not a single bit of light anywhere.

A little voice comes out of the darkness.  The tiny voice hmmms between sentences as if he’s still thinking through his offer while he gives it.  He tells us that they’ll give us back all the slaves and leave the area if we leave them alone.

Helion asks how many of them are left.  “I won’t tell you,” the voice says, “But here is a symbol of our good intentions.”  Two human slaves come out of the darkness.

We huddle up and whisper to each other, all team-like.  After some discussion, we take their offer.  Helion speaks for us, letting the slavers know that we will give them one day to get out and then we’ll be back to check on them.

Eight more slaves stumble out of the darkness, including Lyssa.  They’re alive but in really bad shape.   “True to our word,” Helion says, “We’re leaving now.  Goodbye and I hope our paths never cross again.”  There’s no answer.

Thank Moradin we had those town guards with us!  A couple run up ahead and come back with carts so the rescued slaves don’t have to walk the whole way.  We make it back in the early evening and find a few hundered people outside the gates to town.  There’s a huge party to celebrate the return of the missing townsfolk and honor us as heroes – US!  I’ve never had a party for me other than a birthday party, and seriously, you kinda HAVE to have a birthday party.  This party was totally optional and they did it for US!  So freakin’ cool.  Errich slides over and tells us he has something to do and he’ll meet back up with us at the inn.  People are handing us drinks and huggin’ and kissin’ on us.   Having a destiny is pretty awesome!

We finally manage to work our way through the crowds of admirers and get to the inn.   We meet up with a new guy, who I have to say is pretty gross.  He’s a dwarf, but he’s got this nappy hair that looks like it’s caked in – ew, I’m gagging just thinking about it! – blood.   We’re talking with him and considering him as a replacement for Drash when we see the guards taking Errich off to jail.  What?!?

Helion explains to the guards how we saved the slaves and he’s one of us – a hero!  Fin tells them to tell Lady Woden that Errich will come with us.  The guards say that he was caught with stolen goods and must be taken to the jail.  Fin goes with him since he has the best relationship with Lady Woden.

We all go to bed in the Slumbering Drake.  I have to say, it’s really nice to be able to wash up and sleep in a bed again.  I’ve never had such a good night’s sleep!

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