Moradin’s Lass: Sister Mielka of the Healing Touch

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during this whole Living My Destiny thing, it’s that you can’t always trust people.  I mean, look at all the crazy people we’ve already met.  So of course I wasn’t going to take this poor sick girl to the infirmary where she could get kidnapped again.  No way!  Luckily, the sisters at the Lady of the Healing Touch are very nice people.   They don’t worship Moradin, but that’s okay because they are healers and Moradin loves healers.

It turns out that our girl is Lady Sophie Ismae.  She’s from the noble house in the town and disappeared two weeks ago.  There was a reward for finding her.

“Her father will be very happy to know she’s alive,” the sisters tell us.

It turns out her father’s house is next door.  Fin asks the nuns to send out two servants – one to get the town guard and another to notify the family of Sophie’s rescue.

The sisters take Sophie into a back room to begin work on healing her and offer us some food and drink.  We wait for about an hour for someone from the Ismae house to come to identify her.   He thanks us and says the count will be very happy.  I don’t like the way his face looks when he says this – it doesn’t seem like he’s REALLY happy about the news.   The reward, he says, was 500 gold.  We can come to the house to collect it.

Later, the town guard comes.  We give a complete report and they say they’ll recheck the area.  There were probably some experiments going on there, but we have a feeling that more are happening in another location.  The guards pay us for our work and lift our ban on leaving the town.  At least we’re back in their good graces!

The others go back to the inn, but I want to stay with the sisters and Sophie.  There is just something not quite right about the messenger from her father’s house.   We’re able to heal her once she’s rested up a bit.  At first, she doesn’t want to talk to me about what happened.  I explain to her how we saved her and brought her here, she breaks down crying and begins to talk.

She’s the youngest daughter of the count and doesn’t have much of a future other than hoping to marry well.  For fun, she sneaks out of her house wearing peasant clothes and goes to the slums area of town called the Warrens.  She likes to talk with the refugees and other people there.   Her father was furious about it when he found out, but she kept going.  One night, when she was sneaking back home, she blacked out.  When she woke up, she was in the torture chamber.  There was a man dressed in black – she never saw his face.  He did horrible things to her.

I do my best to comfort her, but she’s haunted by the experience and has nightmares whenever she sleeps.  All I can do is sit by her bed and pray that Moradin can bring her some peace.

The next day, we’re scheduled to go see the count to get our reward.  I ask the nuns if we can get some town guards to watch Sophie’s room while I am gone.  They agree that it would be a good idea, since she was already kidnapped once.

Walking up to the Ismae house, we can see that Cillamar’s oldest family certainly is well-to-do.  The house is heavily guarded and we’re being eyed very suspiciously.  I step up to speak. “We’re the ones who rescued Sophie,” I tell them.  “Don’t move,” the guard replies.  He goes into the house and comes back with a purse with 50 platinum pieces.

“Here’s your reward,” he says. “The count is very happy that you found his daughter.  There will be something else for you” – he nods towards me – “for taking care of his daughter.  You can go now.”

Something is fishy.  Errich stays in the area to watch the house and I go back to check on Sophie.  Guards of the Ismae house have replaced the regular guards.  They thank us and say that our job is done.  She’s back in her family and her family will take care of her.  I’m not liking this one bit.

Fin suggests that I ask for a job in the temple so I can keep an eye on Sophie – he’s so smart!   I speak to the head nun, asking her if I can work with them and learn their ways of healing, and she says yes!  The guards look a little peeved to see someone other than the nuns in the temple, but they accept me begrudgingly.    The next morning, her people come to take her back to her house.  Oh well, the best I can do now is pray to Moradin that she stays safe and finds some happiness in her life.

Maybe once we’re done adventuring, she can marry Fin!   She’s human, he’s human.   She’s from a good family, he’s got connections like he’s from a good family.  She looks good in his undershirt… I think it’s a match!

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