I <3 Asmor. You Should, Too!

Bartoneus posted about the awesomeness of Asmor’s scripts and he missed the best one.  The Adventure Seed Generator gives DMs ideas for possible adventures.   Graham and I played with it for a while and were IMing the funny ones back and forth to each other.  Some were stupid, some were dripping with innuendo, some were intriguing, all were a good waste of time!  Go on and play with it and post your favorite finds in the comments!

I’ll get the list started…

  • The Insane Attack of the Axe of the Yellow Prison
  • The Summoning of the Lecherous Satchel
  • The Medusa Minister and the Paladin
  • The Maiden’s Ruby Hole
  • The Sinister Burial of the Foreboding Devil Whore
  • The Worthless Church of the Gnome God’s Congregation
  • The Frosty Faerie Priest’s Feast

Let’s hear your favorites!

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