Drugs are good, mmkay?

My apologies for my unexpected absence.  I have a sinus infection and with the headache, the stuffiness, the nose-blowing and the lack of quality sleep, my brain just isn’t in the right place to write.

I’d rather write nothing than put out poorly written content, so I’m on a mini vacation.

Here are some things that are on my Blogging To-Do List.  You can expect to see these upon my triumphant return to the world of the breathing:

  • Joelle’s Campaign Log (after tomorrow, I’ll be three sessions behind)
  • Minis Seeking Love:  Star Wars and D&D
  • Review:  Dice Tray from Dwarven Sweatshoppe
  • Assorted Geek Love topics, including Fox’s completed profile

I got some antibiotics today, so I’m hoping to have my brain back and functioning by the weekend.  I miss writing for you!

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